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Providing customers with a connected experience is becoming increasingly important for hauliers. Customer expectations have changed in recent years with an assumption of instant information about their orders. However, many hauliers that we speak with still believe that providing this information isn’t possible and only multi-national organisations have the facilities to do so. We are pleased to confirm that simply isn’t the case.

The HaulTech customer portal is the perfect tool to take pressure off a transport office and improve your customer’s experience. Using our 25 years of expertise in providing Transport Management Systems, we have created an intuitive solution for hauliers. Customers are empowered to book their own jobs, view live job statuses and access and print their own delivery documentation, such as PODs. By providing this service to their customers, hauliers can reduce workloads and manage operational costs. The business will also continue to grow organically through continued bookings and improved working relationships.

The HaulTech TMS is built around streamlining and supporting hauliers and logistic companies operations and extracting the maximum profitability out of each job. With evidenced administration savings of around 80%, moving from paper-based processes to a tech alternative has benefits for all parties involved.

Would you like to provide a greater customer experience? Are you duplicating the content of every job on multiple occasions? Do you find your transport office is unorganised due to all the paperwork? Are you losing delivery notes in the chaos which is stopping you getting paid for completed work? Then contact the HaulTech team today to learn more about how the customer portal, along with the rest of the features of the TMS, can aid your haulage business without breaking the bank.

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