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Streamline your business operations with a Transport Management System (TMS)

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Streamline your Business with a Transport Management System from HaulTech

For over 30 years, HaulTech has supported customers with its cloud-based Transport Management Software, commonly referred to as a TMS system. The transportation system has been continuously developed and enhanced to ensure maximum efficiency for your haulage company. From job booking and scheduling through to electronic PODs and invoicing, HaulTech’s Transport Management System is the go-to tool for hauliers. With a transportation system, you can dramatically transform the efficiency of all departments in your haulage company, whilst simultaneously standardising and speeding up your processes and ensuring you’re compliance.

HaulTech’s Transport Management Software System integrates with all Pallet Networks including Palletline, Pall-Ex, Pallet Track, Palletforce, UPN, TPN, Palletways and FORTEC. For other general hauliers, the TMS system ensures compliance for those working with Hazchem and through its range of API connectivity options allows integration between third-party systems. The HaulTech Transport Management System is tailored to you, suited to how you currently operate from full loads and next day through to European and specialist transport.

HaulTech has specialised in supporting small to medium-sized transport operators across the UK for over 28 years. We pride ourselves on understanding your business and its needs, providing intuitive software, delivering excellent customer service, and creating a partnership that helps drive your business forwards. Our transportation solutions allow companies who distribute goods (via their own vehicles and/or subcontractors) to replace their legacy paper-based processes with an industry-leading tech-based alternative.

We help companies like yours to make an impact

Our approach is simple, putting your company at the heart of everything we do. We won’t tell you what we can do, we’ll take the time to understand you, your team, your business, your customers and where you’re looking to go.  We understand transport and haulage management inside out and understand the challenges you face.

The transport solutions we provide have the flexibility and adaptability to support all members of the logistics industry. Our current customers operate in a variety of sectors including general haulage, palletised haulage, heavy haulage, and even more bespoke solutions such as international piano delivery!

Watch the video below to see the positive impact a Transport Management System is creating for MJ Refrigeration:

Improve your Efficiency, Bottom Line, Cashflow, Operations and Output

HaulTech provide solutions that suit every type of transport and haulage business, and provide the tools needed to control, grow, and transform businesses. The transport software for general haulage allows you to:

  • Reduce administration processes by up to 80%
  • Control and reduce operational costs
  • Seamlessly create, schedule, and assign jobs through a single point of data entry for faster and accurate work planning
  • Automatically generate and send invoices in seconds
  • Ensure vehicle compliance checks are completed
  • Quote directly from your automated rate tables
  • Generate delivery documentation and labels in seconds
  • Real-time visibility of job status
  • Sign-on glass proof of delivery technology
  • Integrated Transport (TMS) and Warehouse (WMS) systems

Connected Customer Service Portal

HaulTech Transport Management System users can improve their offering through the connected Customer Service Portal (CSP). All stakeholders of the supply chain, from supplier to customer, can gain greater insight into the data surrounding the delivery or collection that you are completing.

With direct integration and connectivity with HaulTech’s intuitive tracking platform, TrakMan, hauliers can improve on the partnership created. The powerful order and collection connectivity experience can encourage your customers to:

  • Add jobs directly into the system reducing your workload
  • Add specific general haulage work details including total pallets and Hazchem work
  • View and manage outstanding and completed work
  • View real-time job statuses
  • Generate anonymised tracking links to provide customers with up-to-date work statuses
  • Print their own delivery documentation
  • Access signatures, E-POD and photo proof-of-delivery within the portal

Next Generation In-Cab Signature Capture App

The in-cab proof of delivery solution has been designed to provide complete management of the delivery process. The system allows small to medium-sized hauliers to move to a completely paperless system. As paper-based processed remain inefficient and inflexible, HaulTech’s solutions account for the practicalities of running a transport company.

Enhance your customer experience, instantly access completed paperwork for quicker invoicing and improve the safety and output of your operations with the brand-new HaulTech signature capture app through:

  • Real-time manifest selection
  • In transit notifications
  • Arrival notifications
  • Direct customer contact calls
  • Mapping to location
  • Full consignment details (including hazardous)
  • Proof of collection/proof of delivery codes
  • Geolocation time and date stamps for onsite arrival and customer signatures
  • Delivery notes
  • Signature and image capture
  • Vehicle safety checks

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HaulTech | HTC Solutions Limited
1 Evolution, Hooters Hall Road
Staffordshire, ST5 9QF
Tel: 01782 662244
Company Registration Number: 02850756