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HaulTech’s vehicle CCTV has revolutionised Logikal Network’s business through a connected camera solution.

There are 38.4 million vehicles on Britain’s roads and this number is increasing every year. Included in that are 4.6 million light and heavy goods vehicles, making up 11.9% of all vehicles on the roads. Unfortunately, accidents happen on the roads. The cost for haulage companies after an incident can be extortionate. Logikal Network were one of those hauliers.

Founded in 2013 with 5 vehicles, Logikal Network have expanded rapidly to 30 vehicles in 2018. We spoke to Darren, Managing Director of Logikal Network, back in 2018 when they joined us.

Logikal had been stung with sky-high insurance claims, prior to installation of our vehicle CCTV solution, topping over £120,000 per year! That eyewatering figure, according to Darren, consisted of as many as 70% fraudulent claims. With no solution in place, they were limited in the evidence they could present to their insurers. A report from the driver is all they could use to dispute any claims.

With no way to fight bogus claims, Logikal needed a solution. Claims cost the company upwards of £10,000 per month, this couldn’t continue. HaulTech provided a resolution to ensure it didn’t.

HaulTech’s CCTV solution has produced unmatched savings for Logikal Network. After meeting with Darren, we worked together to resolve some of their biggest issues including false claims and sideswipes.

12 months later we caught up with Darren to see how the HaulTech vehicle CCTV solution has transformed Logikal Network’s operations

Logikal were previously experiencing 1 side swipe claim per month due to the poor visibility from vehicle that size. HaulTech’s blind spot camera and dashboard monitor has reduced this to zero claims. Yep, you read that correctly – zilch, nothing, nada. Our simple yet effective system has allowed drivers to drive with the confidence and increase their visibility.

If that wasn’t enough, HaulTech have saved Logikal Network over £60,000 in insurance claims. Throughout the last year, our connected camera system has proven that Logikal Network weren’t at fault in 66% of the claims made against them, including the ‘incident’ that never was.

Can you afford to be letting fraudulent claims be made against your haulage company? Can you afford £10,000 per month spent on these claims? Logikal Network couldn’t. HaulTech ensured they didn’t have to any longer.

Are you a transport operator constantly worried about the next insurance claim against your fleet? Click here to learn more about our solutions. Our solutions ensure FORS and Direct Vision Standard compliance to truly protect your most value assets.

Contact the HaulTech team today on 01782 662244 or email hello@haultech.co.uk for more information.

Logikal Network's vehicle being fitted with HaulTech vehicle CCTV solutions alongside the HaulTech van

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