Vehicle Tracking, Telematics and Live On-Screen Tachograph Status Solutions

Access your Fleet Information in Real Time

HaulTech.Live makes tracking simple, affordable and efficient. Designed with you in mind, the platform effortlessly provides you with all the key data you need.

HaulTech’s heritage began over 27 years ago. By developing one of the first real-time GPS vehicle tracking systems available in the UK, HaulTech quickly established itself as a market leader. Long before GPRS, 3G or 4G existed, competitors were using slow and ineffective dial-up solutions whilst HaulTech’s customers benefitted from live streaming and data at their fingertips. Nearly three decades later, HaulTech continues to be at the forefront of vehicle hardware technologies – providing solutions for thousands of vehicles.

HaulTech are proud to offer fully scalable solutions, built around you. Whether you are looking to track a smaller fleet of vans, monitor and manage driver style through MPG reporting or have access to real-time Tachograph data that ensures compliance for your fleet of HGVs, HaulTech has a tracking and telematics solution to help drive your haulage or transport business forward.

Live and Historic Vehicle Tracking Data

When it comes to instantly accessing the information on the whereabouts of your fleet, HaulTech’s intuitively designed portal and technology solutions have been developed to make this as efficient as possible.

Through powerful insights and key performance data, you can expect the following from a HaulTech vehicle tracking unit:

  • Current location of the vehicle so you know exactly where your team are
  • Nearest vehicle to a location so you can dispatch the closest, appropriate, and most cost-effective resource
  • Historic vehicle activity data and route replay
  • Live traffic updates from Google Maps
  • Full visibility of which vehicles have or have not worked for clearer resource utilisation
  • Geofencing to allow automated communications with your transport office, improve customer service and the efficiency of your fleet
  • Create custom sites for easier interaction.  Produce in-depth reports including onsite time and frequently of visits

Vehicle Route Replay

Through route replay, HaulTech.Live will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how your vehicles operate and improve your operational efficiency.

The vehicle replay solution provides the following key points of data to enhance your business:

  • Route replay to monitor where your vehicle has been
  • Monitor distance travelled, top speed and average speed
  • Insights into driver behaviour with harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and over-speed alerting
  • Pinpoint the exact location at any given time in the event of a claim made against you or your driver

Driver Behaviour and Vehicle Reporting

Full telematics from HaulTech allows you gain even greater insight into your vehicle and driver performance. Operating costs are continuously on the rise for transport operators so extracting the maximum amount of profitability is essential to keep your business moving forward. HaulTech customers see MPG change of between 8-15% across their fleet, reducing fuel costs by thousand of pounds every year.

HaulTech’s full telematics solution provides includes:

  • Full in-depth reporting into driver behaviour and vehicle efficiency
  • Vehicle and driver behaviour scorecards allow you to focus your training and education efforts
  • With full telematics HaulTech.Live will allow you to understand your MPG and fuel burn, along with the associated costs of wasting fuel
  • Fuel reporting can be conducted over a day, week, or month to give greater insights into your operations

On-Screen Tachograph Information

European Driving Hours Regulation compliance is essential for any HGV fleet operator.  HaulTech have created a solution that provides on-screen information to enable you to manage your vehicles and drivers efficiently.

Downloading the data from a driver’s tachograph smart card is an easy thing to do nowadays as the technologies available support for an efficient and compliant process. However, when it comes to ensuring compliance as the vehicle is operational is much more difficult. HaulTech have created a solution that delivers the information you need at the click of a button.

The compliance data available at the touch of a button includes:

  • On-screen information including Tacho status, time in that status and current driver
  • Details on total drive time for the current day, week, and custom time period
  • Less phone calls asking drivers how many hours they have left
  • No more manual ‘next date’ record keeping, ensuring you meet your compliance deadlines

Add Vehicle CCTV for Complete Fleet Management

For complete fleet protection, HaulTech’s integrated vehicle CCTV and tracking units are a powerful asset for any fleet operator.

Reducing road risk, the number of accidents and ultimately the costs associated with these incidents is possible through clear video evidence. 2013 saw HaulTech being the 1st tracking provider to incorporate tracking and camera tech within the same platform and since then have provided this powerful technology to thousands of UK vehicles. The solutions have proved invaluable saving users thousands each year by providing clear and concise video evidence that supports the fleet operator (and their driver) in the case of false claims/accusations.

Some of the key benefits of an integrated solution include:

  • Full HD recording
  • Up to 8 camera systems for full 360˚, and beyond, protection
  • Remote 3G/4G connectivity through the connected solution
  • Single platform for viewing tracking and camera information
  • Protecting your insurance premium
  • Defending yourself from false allegations

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HaulTech | HTC Solutions Limited
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Staffordshire, ST5 9QF
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HaulTech | HTC Solutions Limited
1 Evolution, Hooters Hall Road
Staffordshire, ST5 9QF
Tel: 01782 662244
Company Registration Number: 02850756