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Here at HaulTech days are filled with conversations and visits to bulk hauliers where the team take the time to understand these businesses. From here, a collaborative effort between HaulTech and the bulk haulier identifies alternative (often better) ways for these transport/haulage operators to work so they can drive their businesses forwards.

What is evident from these conversations, shifting paperwork including collection notes, delivery notes, PODs and invoices fills up a haulier’s day just as much as the work they are completing. This applied to a wide array of sectors, from muckaway to shifting aggregates, working with TASCC, or moving animal feed, powders, and liquids.

Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore!

Is your bulk haulage/bulk transport company still run using a paper job diary process? Do you find yourself repeatedly writing the same information on your transport diary as on your collection notes, delivery notes and waste transfer notes? Does paper and administration control and restrict the time you and your team have to focus on your business? Is your back office flooded with excessive amounts of uncontrollable paper?

If so, HaulTech’s easily affordable and cost-effective range of bulk haulage software solutions will allow you to:

  • Reduce duplication (and possible admin errors)
  • Speed up and standardises your processes
  • Replace knowledge that’s in someone’s head
  • Increase control – saving you time and money

So, what can a system do for you?

The way you work is unique to your business, you know how to handle all of the incoming and outcoming work despite the stresses it can cause. Whether you use paper diaries, job sheets and/ or a spreadsheet to record your work, it’s become a way of life. We understand that and we understand you.

The HaulTech Bulk Haulage System doesn’t aim to change your entire operation, it aims to build on your legacy workflow to improve and enhance it. Why? To allow you to work in a faster, smarter and easier manner. It did just that for Essex-based firm, Aggreg8. Watch the video below, to see how the system helped Aggreg8 to double their output without increasing their resource.:

Improve your Efficiency, Bottom Line, Cashflow, Operations and Output

HaulTech’s multi-award winning Bulk Haulage Transport Software solutions have been developed to provide the tools needed to future-proof, enhance, grow, and transform businesses. The Transport Management Software for bulk hauliers allows them to:

  • Reduce administration processes by up to 80%
  • Control and reduce operational costs
  • Record a job, including its pricing from automatic rate tables
  • Seamlessly create, schedule, and assign jobs through a single point of data entry for faster and accurate work planning
  • Decide which driver, vehicle, trailer or subcontractor is doing the work
  • Record what product and weight is to be moved
  • Print off all collection/delivery paperwork at the touch of a button – or – send the job instructions straight to the driver
  • Automatically generate, print and/or send email invoices (with supporting paperwork attached) in seconds
  • Create powerful reporting that gives you insight into your performance within seconds
  • Create greater customer experiences through a Customer Service Portal and in-cab sign-on glass solutions

Online Customer Job Portal

HaulTech Bulk Haulage Transport Management Software users can provide a unique and powerful experience for their customers. The Customer Service Portal (CSP) has been designed to simply provide customers with all the information they need when they need it. 

With integration into HaulTech’s multi-award-winning tracking platform, TrakMan, the CSP can provide customers with complete job visibility at the touch of a button including anonymised tracking links. 

The system will allow you to offer a unique service to your customers, giving them access to:

  • Directly upload their work for you
  • View and manage outstanding and completed 
  • Improved visibility on real-time job statuses 
  • Notifications of work being scheduled and in transit to the customer
  • Completed signatures and proof of delivery documents – connected to either the HaulTech signature capture app or scanned into the HaulTech Transport Management System

Electronic Proof of Delivery for Paperless Operations

Is your back office drowning in excess paperwork from ticket books, weighbridge tickets, waste transfer notes and delivery notes? Are lost pieces of paperwork stopping you from invoicing your completed jobs? With HaulTech’s iOS and Android mobile app, you can make that a thing of the past. 

With the average HGV driver aged 57, the easy-to-use signature capture app has been designed with these drivers in mind. Using their existing device, HaulTech’s electronic proof of delivery solutions allows you to move away from outdated and inefficient paper-based processes to an intuitive tech-based alternative. 

Offering a safer, better connected, more compliant and easy-to-use solution, you can begin to improve your operations through:

  • Vehicle safety compliance checks to start each day 
  • Real-time manifest selection, with full consignment details, with no more phone, text or emailing of drivers needed
  • Notifications for your customers including in transit and arrival alerts
  • Direct customer contact calls
  • Mapping to location
  • Proof of collection/proof of delivery codes
  • Signature and image capture – with geolocation time and date stamps for onsite arrival and customer signatures
  • Instantly available in the HaulTech Bulk Transport Management Software for quicker invoicing

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HaulTech | HTC Solutions Limited
1 Evolution, Hooters Hall Road
Staffordshire, ST5 9QF
Tel: 01782 662244
Company Registration Number: 02850756