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Axil Integrated Services have joined HaulTech to protect their 11-strong fleet of vans, trucks and trailers.

Axil Integrated Services are a market leader in Total Waste Management Services operating throughout the UK. Ranging from recycling to waste recovery and waste treatment to disposal, their Total Waste Management solutions integrate seamlessly into the operations of other organisations – something we understand here at HaulTech.

Axil provide solutions across four main sectors, manufacturing, food, aerospace and medical and research. Business operations stretch across the country meaning vehicles are constantly on the move. With Axil’s vehicles continuously on the road, the need to reduce road risk and monitor incidents as/when they occur has never been more important. In the UK as a whole, more than £7bn in motor insurance claims were incurred in 2017, and that was up 9% on the previous year, so the story isn’t a positive one for fleet operators.  For commercial vehicles, like those in Axil’s fleet, 80% of claims that reach insurers are disputed. However, vehicles equipped with camera systems are 20 times more likely to defend themselves against claims. Today vehicle CCTV is essential for any organisation who operate a fleet.

HaulTech met with Axil to understand the needs of their transport department and wider business.  The discussions identified real opportunity for Axil to drive operational savings through their business whilst enhancing driver and insurer risk prevention and protection.  HaulTech created Axil a bespoke system that addressed all improvement areas.  The end solution included vehicle tracking, connected 3G dash-cam and DVR solutions which provides 360-degree protection for their HGV vehicles.

With 10 vehicles and trailers to equip, the tailored offering has allowed Axil to “track their vans and trucks and help plan their days and weeks with more clarity” according to Paul Cooke, Axil Operations Director. Paul went on to say “Having the cameras and software to track our vehicles gives us peace of mind knowing that we would be able to see exactly what happened if our vehicles were involved in an incident”

HaulTech director Craig Lamont is “Excited to be part of Axil’s journey of growth. Axil are experts in what they do and helping them to improve their operational efficiency whilst reducing road risk makes for a safer driver, fleet and business. HaulTech’s solutions are enabling greater customer connectivity for Axil and they’ve seen operational improvement already. We’re delighted to be working with Axil and look forward to supporting them on the next stages of their tech journey”.

Learn more about HaulTech’s bespoke camera and tracking system by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact our team on 01782 662244 or email for more information.

Axil Integrated Services Vehicle loaded with liquid waste ready to be transported


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