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Transport Management SolutionTransport Management System (TMS): Moving from Paper to Tech

13/05/2019by Craig Lamont

Market perception suggests that professional Transport Management Systems are used mainly by large fleets. The growing smaller-sized haulier (5-30 vehicles) believes that this type of tech is out of reach due to high onboarding cost and the operational impact required whilst getting up to speed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Gone are the days where this technology is only available to the Enterprise fleet operators – it’s available, accessible and affordable right now.

For over 25 years HaulTech have been providing Transport Management Systems (TMS) to the transport, haulage and logistics industries. During this time technology has changed dramatically driving down costs whilst accelerating performance.

TMS Systems are proven to streamline transport, haulier and logistics processes. HaulTech systems evidence admin savings of around 80% by removing double entry, replacing paper with technology, changing photocopying/scanning to e-POD and transitioning the invoice process from a chore to a pleasure. With electronic PODs being sent automatically with each invoice, a professional TMS removes the opportunity for invoices to be challenged which in turn improves the haulier’s cashflow. The TMS also facilitates organic growth and allows customer/business relationships to flourish – opportunities potentially hampered by chaotic paper-based processes.

HaulTech‘s low onboarding costs and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) approach gives transport operators and their customers access to a powerful, yet simple to use, Transport Management Software Systems that works technically, operationally and financially for all stakeholders.

If your transport team are spending their time processing transport admin HaulTech have a solution.

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