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12/06/2018by Craig Lamont

Operating a fleet of 45 vehicles, AFS Haulage needed a way to protect their drivers and business from disputed and false road incident allegations.

“Whenever a claim occurs the finger always seems to point in our direction” said Andrew Seagrave, AFS’ Managing Director.  “Typically, being the bigger vehicle, we need a way to protect and defend ourselves.  In the event of an incident we need access to the facts to allow us to learn and/or defend ourselves.  Vehicle CCTV was our only way to achieve and address this.”

“We researched the market and found HaulTech’s approach, advice, service and flexibility to be second to none.  The HaulTech team were extremely friendly and knowledgeable and walked us through the options that would meet our short, medium and longer term needs, before we then settled on a solution that ticked the boxes and the budget” said Andrew.

“Operationally the solution allows us to record footage from key areas around the vehicle, most importantly where blind-spots exist.  The system includes 3G connectivity so at any time, irrespective of their location, we can log in to see where they are, where they’ve been and as and when required we can download video straight from the camera to our desktop.  We can use this video as evidence to support our drivers and operation – and without the vehicles having to return to base.   Today, should an allegation or incident occur, we can see exactly what happened.  We can then use this information for driver training/education and where necessary we can pass it to our insurer, which will help us to protect our insurance premium and loss ratio.”

Craig Lamont, Director at HaulTech said “It’s great to have AFS on board.  HaulTech have been a technology partner to AFS for over 10 years.  During this time AFS have benefitted from our powerful and simple to use Transport Management Solution with integrated POD/Signature Capture modules, and we’re now extremely proud to be supporting AFS with our Vehicle CCTV Solution too.  This new addition will further help AFS to enhance their vehicle safety record whilst protecting their loss ratio.”

If you, like Andy, are tired of being unable to defend yourself in the event of the claim why not reach out to a member of our team on 01782 662244, visit our website or email us at



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