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Vehicle Tracking, Telematics, Live On-Screen Tacho status and Remote Tachograph Download

Our heritage dates back to 1993 where we set about creating one of the 1st real-time GPS vehicle tracking systems available in the UK. Back then GPRS, 3G and 4G hadn’t been invented so whilst others were using slow dial-up modems to download vehicle footage our customer benefited from live streaming. Our focus on innovation hasn’t changed.

Today we’re one of the few UK vehicle tracking and telematics providers who offer fully scaleable solutions – so whether you’re looking to track your van or truck HaulTech have a fantastic array of tracking and telematic solutions to help support and grow your business.

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Telematics
  • Remote Tachograph Download (RDL)

Have total control and visibility of your fleet

As you’ll have gathered by now helping our customers to better manage their vans and trucks is our speciality.

So when it comes to getting access to the information on the whereabouts of your fleet HaulTech have a wide and scalable set of tech tools that help you to drive your business forwards.

How can HaulTech Help?

Our vehicle tracking solutions are designed to provide your team with powerful insight into your vehicle operation by providing key performance data.

What our tech provides:

  • Powerful yet simple to use online web portal – so you can access your fleet from anywhere
  • Current location of the vehicle – so you know exactly where your team are
  • Route replay – so you know exactly where they’ve been and when
  • Nearest vehicle to a location – so you can dispatch the closest, best and most cost effective resource
  • Resource utilisation – so you know which vehicles have and haven’t worked today
  • Driver behaviour reporting – so you know where to focus your training and education efforts
  • Vehicle scorecards – so you can see utilisation and driving styles

Take control with fuel use and driver behaviour reporting

When it comes to operating a haulage fleet we know that fuel, driving hours and compliance are at the top of your list – and that’s where our telematics and tachograph solutions come into play.

How can HaulTech help?

When it comes to operating a wide variety of vehicle types from various vehicle manufacturers it becomes extremely difficult to consolidate your reporting data into one place using one reporting tool. That’s the great thing about our tech – it doesn’t matter what vehicle make, model or derivative of HGV the chances are our professional transport tech will provide a solution.

Essential data provided by our integrated Telematics and Live On-Screen solution:-

  • Telematics:
    • Fuel reporting by vehicle/type – know exactly how much fuel was consumed that day/week/month
    • Fuel reporting by driver – know exactly how much fuel was consumed that day/week/month
    • Driver scorecards – see how driving styles impact on the fuel used
    • Efficiency rating – simple to read scoring mechanism by vehicle/type and overall for your fleet
    • Vehicle idling/management – identify ways to better improve overall vehicle management / fuel use
  • On-screen Tachograph:
    • Who’s driving which vehicle right now
    • Current tachograph status (Driving, Work, Rest, Other Work)
    • Time in that status
    • Total time in each status so far today
    • Total drive time this week
    • Total drive time last week
    • Total drive time across the period

Getting the compliance files you need without the manpower

Downloading the data from a driver’s tachograph smart card is an easy thing to do nowadays as the technologies available support for an efficient and compliant process. However when it comes to ensuring compliance at vehicle it becomes much more difficult.

How can HaulTech Help?

Well to put it simply we’ve created a solution that gets the files you need, in the timescales you need them, without having to leave your the comfort of your desk. There’s not really much more to say other than:

  • No more having to chase vehicles within their compliance schedule
  • No more wasting your valuable (typically weekend) time finding the vehicles in your yard
  • No more sitting in each cab for 10-15 mins waiting for the files to download to your memory stick
  • No more manual ‘next date’ record keeping to ensure you meet your compliance deadlines
  • No more stressing when you’re compliance deadlines are getting close

What the solution looks like

  • No more hunting for vehicles
  • No more wasted manpower
  • Automated ddd files sent to your inbox / your tacho analysis provider (method depends on your analysis provider)
  • A compliant transport business
  • A happy you
Image showing how HaulTech's driver reporting software compares driving behaviour reporting metrics such as fuel use, idling, cruise control use to ensure for an efficient and effective fleet
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