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05/02/2019by Craig Lamont

At HaulTech our customers are our greatest asset. Which is great news for you.

Why? Well firstly, because worst case scenarios sometimes do happen, and secondly, shouldn’t you have as much information to hand as possible to help you and your drivers stay safe on our roads? Our knowledgeable team are always at hand providing best in class advice, support and technology that can help:-

  • Prevent incidents and allogations from happening in the first place
  • Safeguard you and your team
  • Reduce road risk
  • Protect your insurance premiums
  • Provide you with the factual information you need when you need it
  • Provide real-life learning and share best practice
  • Give you and your staff peace of mind
Image showing a near side camera installed onto a truck. The camera helps eliminate the blind spot that a driver has in their mirrors

“Blind spot protection and truck CCTV cameras can and do save lives.“

Image showing the areas of a truck most affected by blind spots

A sobering thought, I’m sure you agree? That’s why HaulTech have already thought of it for you.

Forewarned is forearmed – that’s the famous saying, and we find that particularly relevant for transport and haulage companies who have vehicles out and about on the road. Having one of your drivers/vehicles involved in an incident is never good – so why not ensure that you have our industry-leading technology at hand to help potentially avoid the situation in the first place? You’re in safe hands with HaulTech – if the worst does happen you can be confident that you will get to see exactly what happened leading up to, during and following any incident.

Here at HaulTech we have a 25 year track record of assisting haulage and transport companies. This month the HaulTech team will be hitting the roads once more speaking with and supporting our UK hauliers in the quest of reducing road risk.

What’s clear already is you only have to travel a few hundred metres before the common placed dashcam is seen in the front windscreen of most cars. In fact, research undertaken by insurer Aviva showed that just over 1 in 4 of us use some form of dash camera to protect and defend ourselves when out on the roads. In a commercial environment (where a dashcam wont suffice) how do you get the right level of tech and protection for your driver, your insurer and your sanity?

Image of a truck's near-side mirror that is used to assist the driver in managing his blind spot
Graph showing how drivers who use a dashcam believe others should have one too

As part of our service to UK Transport, Logistic and Haulage companies HaulTech have been providing Truck CCTV since 2014 (we were one of the first in the UK to provide a 3G enabled truck CCTV system – another Industry 1st 😀👍) and during that time we’ve given transport operators access to live stream and download footage from their vehicle’s camera system from the comfort of their office or via their smartphones. This industry-first saw fleet operators taking control of claims and allegations for the first time. These companies were now able to provide First Notification of Loss (FNOL) video footage to their insurance brokers and insurers within seconds of an incident occurring. From the work we do with Insurance Brokers and Insurers evidence suggests that HaulTech’s FNOL capabilities can help fleet operators to make substantial reductions to their at-fault claims cost (some have been seen to reduce by almost 50%!) by empowering their Insurer with the information they need to take control of the claim at the earliest opportunity.

Helping your drivers to help you is just one of the benefits of the products, services and solutions we offer……

So, why use our technology?

Well firstly it’s not just about the benefits that can be gained through protecting fleet insurance premiums and loss ratio. Don’t get us wrong there’s great value there, but there’s also much more to helping you manage the many risks that exist on our roads today – just ask your drivers……

Prevention is better than cure

Truck camera systems play a huge part in contributing to reduced risk. Whether it be alerting the driver to a cyclist or vulnerable road user, providing extra visibility outside of what the drivers can see in their mirrors, providing clear vision when manouvering in the dark or confidence that nothing has slipped up the near-side of the truck whilst waiting to turn left – our night-vision external cameras connected to a dashboard mounted monitor that activates to display the risk areas whenever the vehicle’s indicators are on – all contribute to a safer vehicle and happier, more confident and capable driver.

HaulTech’s truck camera solutions provide you and your drivers with peace of mind as the information and evidence gathered by the technology enables all to see what really has happened. It makes your drivers feel safer and protected at the wheel and gives them confidence and reassurance; Potentially avoiding blame and liability in an accident…….and did we mention the potential to save your company a lot of stress, time and money?

So when it comes to defending and protecting your haulage fleet isn’t understanding how HaulTech’s technology an investment that your company should be exploring?

Over the coming weeks we’ll be expanding on real-life customer experiences of using HaulTech’s Truck camera tech including blind spot protection and getting yourself to FORS Gold ( Check back or follow our updates on LinkedIn ( to be kept up to date with our latest news and truck camera technology releases.

If you’d like to know more or would like to arrange a no obligation chat with a member of the HaulTech team reach out to us by calling 01782 662244, say or visit

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