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Transport Management SolutionTransport Operators ditch admin and paper for growth

27/06/2018by Craig Lamont

We meet lots of companies whose transport, admin and finance teams spend their week repeatedly duplicating data and shuffling paper.  They’re stretched to capacity with current workload and have little to no room or capacity to grow – and certainly not without adding additional headcount.

Users of HaulTech’s Transport Management System (TMS) don’t duplicate any job data.  In fact, at times, they don’t enter anything.  Jobs are imported directly from customer/network systems freeing up 100% of your job booking time.

Evidence shows that HaulTech TMS users reduce their hands-on administration by ~80% creating you time and capacity to better manage, support and grow your business.

Irrespective of your business size HaulTech have a TMS solution that will align with your process, is easily affordable and will help drive your business forward.

Why not reach out to see how you can springboard your transport business?

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