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Fleet CCTV Frequently Asked Questions

Considering purchasing fleet CCTV or upgrading your current solution?

The HaulTech team have put together an FAQ section to assist you in identifying the solution that best fits your operational and compliance requirements.

What to consider when looking for a Fleet CCTV Solution

When looking for a Fleet CCTV Solution it is important to find a system that will

  • Cover your compliance requirements
  • Reduce your liability
  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Reduces accidents
  • Improve safety

How will a HaulTech CCTV solution assist with compliance?

In an ever-more regulated marketplace compliance is a key consideration for all fleet managers.

Camera systems are integral to earning accreditation for industry standard compliance schemes such as:

FORS Silver, Gold and the DVS  all require vehicles to be fitted with vehicle CCTV. Requirements differ, however all require a dashboard monitor, near-side camera solution to increase visibility and audible warning to protect vulnerable road users. HaulTech have bundled solutions to ensure compliance with these organisations.

Will Fleet CCTV help reduce insurance premiums?

Accidents equal increased insurance premiums.  Through a vehicle CCTV solution HaulTech can enable clients to reduce the number of claims and better manage those received. With HD video evidence, fleet managers can better represent their drivers and reduce the risk of fraudulent claims. Current customers such as Logikal Networks have benefited from the system, reducing insurance costs by reducing accidents.

Will Fleet CCTV enhance operational efficiency?

Managing accidents is a time consuming and costly process. HaulTech can reduce and streamline the accident reporting and management process through our Fleet CCTV solutions.

Will Fleet CCTV reduce accidents and improve driver safety?

HaulTech offer solutions that are proven to reduce the likelihood of accidents by providing driver’s with a 360 degree view from their cab.

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