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Motorists across the UK have experienced the benefit of the unexpected fuel price reduction the last quarter of 2015, reaching its lowest point since 2009. However, predictions can’t be made as the price can vary from one day to the other due to economic and environmental factors. 

Every Fleet Manager knows that fuel represents the largest component of total fleet operating costs, and if not used responsibly, it can increase the overall fleet expenses to significant level. 

With this in mind, what can you do to make sure your business is always as fuel efficient as possible? 

Find out how the HaulTech’s Vehicle Tracking System can help you to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 30%. 


Reducing engine idling times 

Monitoring and preventing excessive idling can save thousands of pounds of fuel expense every year. With the integrated software, fleet managers can simply log on to the portal to monitor each vehicle’s journey and see when the engine is turned on and off and when it’s moving. Via this mechanism the system can easily calculate accurate idle times per vehicle.  


Monitoring speed, harsh breaking and acceleration 

It’s a proven fact that speeding, harsh breaking and acceleration burns more fuel. The system collects speeding data from your tracked vehicles, enabling you to identify driving style parameters so you can take action in cases where more training is needed. 


Driver behaviour 

Driver behaviour has a major impact on your profitability. Improving the way your employees drive will have a considerable impact on fuel expenditure, insurance and wear and tear costs. 


HaulTech’s monitoring technology provides an invaluable insight into fuel consumption and driver and vehicle performance, providing a clear overview for fleet managers to make critical decisions and to target and prioritise in the right areas. 


Last but not least, responsible driving behaviour can help your company to not only improve driver safety and accident rate reduction, but also to achieve better public perception of your business and prevent costly damage to your corporate image. 


Route planning

Efficient routing offers an effective way for fleets to manage fuel expenses and increase bottom-line profits. With the HaulTech Transport Management System (TMS),  you have the option to plan daily routes beforehand which will enable the driver to optimize productivity in terms of time and miles driven.  

It also makes the driver-office communication more efficient for any updates regarding congested routes due to accidents or roadworks. 


Regular vehicle maintenance  

Something that we always advise to our clients is to perform regular vehicle maintenance, as this will have an important impact on fuel economy and emissions. At the same time, will ensure that your truck engine will operate to its maximum potential, thus providing you with the best fuel efficiency possible. 

Without a doubt, technology is changing the way we do things and those who have already incorporated advanced technology solutions into their businesses are reaping the benefits in terms of productivity, costs and ROI. Having 24/7 access to fleet and driver activity will enable you to drive growth and assure compliance in order to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.  


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