HaulTech continues to improve customer care standards

Customer CAREContinuing on from HaulTech’s customer CARE program launch last year, HaulTech’s dedicated customer support team has seen 12 months of continued development and growth.

Beginning with last April’s introduction of a new customer support software system 2014/15 has been a landmark year for HaulTech and its relationship with its customers.

This newly introduced system has greatly improved our response times in all areas. All customer queries and requests are now centralised with each being assigned a caseworker who follows the issue from the time we receive it to its completion.

Implementing this process has provided HaulTech with new insights into its relationships with its customers, the simple increase of communication and cooperation between HaulTech and its customers has revolutionised business practices across all departments. We have received great customer feedback on the way we deal with the requests and the speed of response we can now achieve.

We are extremely pleased with the results of our CARE program which we found very necessary to introduce because of the industry’s reputation for poor customer aftercare. Please let us have more feedback on the way we look after our customers.

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