Smarter integration – CV Show 2015

Press release for CV Show 2015 – Hall 4, Stand 4H01

HaulTech combines vehicle tracking, driver behaviour and Live incident Camera reporting in one simple solution

At this year’s CV Show, transport management software specialist HaulTech will be demonstrating a cost-effective solution for operators who want live camera images about any incident their vehicles and drivers are involved in but who have been deterred in the past by the complexity or cost of adding in-vehicle CCTV to their existing transport management or tracking package.

The key difference with HaulTech’s solution is that instead of feeding video of incidents live via a SIM card in the incident recorder or by integration with the telematics device, it uses the advanced capabilities of the Smart Witness KP1 incident camera. In addition it also delivers conventional fleet management benefits such as vehicle tracking and driver behaviour data to its TrakMan Live O tracking platform.

“Hauliers are looking for help both when it comes to managing incidents with their vehicles and drivers and how tracking and performance monitoring can improve their bottom line and manage customer expectations, but also want a smart integrated solution”, says Clare Armstrong Commercial Director for HaulTech.

” The KP1 incident Camera constantly monitors vehicle location and records driver behaviour such as harsh braking , harsh cornering and speeding. For many hauliers, that basic information is all they require to manage their operations and customer expectations. So why fit a separate device with all the cost and complexity that incurs? ”

“The KP1 compresses the 20-second video clip into just 150KB of data, so operators do not need to worry about the impact streaming large video files would have on mobile data allowances”, says Bob Haughton, Business Development Director .

When the G-sensor on the KP1 is activated, up to 20 still images are immediately dispatched to the TrakMan Live eye_symbolplatform. Office staff receive an immediate alert of the incident, which they can review quickly for necessary action or FNOL purposes .If required they simply click a button to play back a 20 -second video clip of the incident – there’s no need to log on to a different site to view it; there is no waiting for the driver to report an event, or the vehicle having to return to base to remove the SD memory card for analysis. The video footage is also saved to the integral dual 32GB SD card, which is locked to protect against tampering. “Delivering all the data into TrakMan Live eye_symbolallows office staff to react immediately to any event from a late arrival to an incident.”

CV Show exclusive offer
A full demonstration will be running on the HaulTech’s stand 4HO1 in hall 4 together with HaulTech’s range of Transport Management Systems, including TrakMan telematics solution and HaulTech Traffic.

Visitors to the stand can take advantage of 2015 CV Show offer .
Prices start from £19.95 per month including hardware, TrakMan Live eye_symbol platform and airtime . Come and see us for show options. Terms apply.

Office Tel: 01782 662244

Editor’s notes
• HaulTech has been developing and implementing logistics software solutions for over twenty years. The systems are developed by experienced transport professionals to optimise traffic office operations, reduce administration, improve service, manage productivity, ensure compliance and maximise revenue.

• The TrakMan telematics solution delivers valuable information on location of vehicles and trailers, including ETAs, and captures driver and vehicle performance data including Tachograph data live on screen. It can be integrated with HaulTech Traffic, which captures a comprehensive set of data including load data, rate paid and the fuel used to deliver it.

• The company acquired tracking and telematics company CS Electronics in 2011, since when it has been developing the TrakMan product.


12th March 2015

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