Driver and Vehicle Performance

Driver and Vehicle Performance monitoring

Maximizing Driver performance is crucial these days. An immediate reduction in operation cost is what HaulTech guarantees when the system is used correctly. Fuel consumption – repairs and maintenance – insurance premiums – legal cost exposure and tachograph infringements will be reduced. This automatically raises operational efficiency and fleet utilisation.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Driver and vehicle performance monitoring and reporting
  • Duty of care for driver health and safety
  • Vehicle specific target settings
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Reduction in R&M costs
  • Reduction in insurance premiums
  • Driver ranking tables
  • Manages and reduces driver infringements
  • Live tachograph data
  • Live incident alerts
  • Report suite built around you

HaulTech monitor and record a wide range of vehicle data by means of the HaulTech CANbus reader. This is a non – intrusive device that listens to data that travels through the vehicles CAN bus system.

There is no risk of invalidation of the manufactures warranty and only an improvement in the vehicles operation.

Access to this data allows HaulTech to provide a range of technology products to improve our customers businesses.

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