Fleet Manager Available


Fleet Manager Available

Immediate start for only £5.99 per week!

Managing a fleet can be an expensive and time consuming process that requires a sizable workforce to cover all the associated tasks. That is why at Haultech we are offering you a highly skilled Fleet Manager that can supply reliable and efficient logistical support at a reasonable price.

His name is Trakman!

Using features such as vehicle and driver performance monitoring, Google mapping, geo-fencing and journey playback, Trakman can analyse your fleet’s performance and provide you with a detailed statistics report that reflects all aspects of your fleet’s performance. From accurate miles per gallon readings to live tachographic data, then compiled in a Bespoke report, Trakman can provide all this and more for just £5.99 per week. He is the ideal candidate with all the skills necessary to manage your fleet and maintain a high quality service that guarantees financial performance.

If you would like to know more about Trakman then get in touch today at: 01782 662244. Or find us online at: www.haultech.co.uk



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