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Inbound Freight

The HaulTech Warehouse Management System allows you to create a receipt for all inbound freight / goods in – this can be manually entered, via online customer portal, EDI or API

On notification you can quickly and easily print and use a paper-based process – or – update your tech to include handheld barcode scanning capability

As freight arrives your warehouse team can then:-

  • Check received quantities and product detail against expectation
  • Apply the barcode label and scan to apply it to the freight
  • Move the product into the required storage location before scanning against that location

As product transitions from state to stage details of the quantities and location(s) are automatically updated in the Warehouse Management System ready for call off.

A HaulTech Warehouse Management System stock list, displayed on a computer monitor, angled to the right

Outbound Freight

With the HaulTech Warehouse Management System picking and dispatching goods from your warehouse to transport couldn’t be easier.

  • A notification to move stock is received and added to your Warehouse system in any of the following ways:-
    • by your sales, customer service and/or warehouse team
    • by your customer via a simple to use online portal
    • by EDI or API connectivity
  • A pick instruction (paper-based or electronic) is then created and you assign it to your warehouse operative

Your warehouse operator then follows instructions that include:-

  • Details of the customer
  • Brief description of stock line
  • Location of the stock line
  • Details of the container/receipt number created when goods were originally received into the warehouse
  • Amount/quantities required
  • A signature from the operator who undertook the work
A HaulTech Warehouse Management System stock and diary pick list, displayed on a computer monitor, angled to the left

Mobile Application

Mobile App tech designed with your Warehouse Operative in mind

HaulTech’s Windows CE Warehouse App enables the warehouse operative to:-

  • Authenticate receipts
  • Identify product by scanning barcode
  • Identify current product locations
  • Move stock from one location to another
  • Enquire about the contents at a designated location
  • Adjust stock quantities
  • Consolidate stock found across multiple locations
  • Execute a pick
  • Complete a pick
  • Update you and your team along the way!

Warehouse Management made simple

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