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Transport Management Software System

Are you considering moving from a paper-based process to a tech alternative? The HaulTech team have put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to assist you in identifying how a solution can save you time, money and aid your transport operations.

What should you consider when looking for a transport management system (TMS)?

A transport management system, or TMS, is a software program designed to streamline the process of job completion from initial booking through to invoicing.  The solution has been designed to improve efficiency and processes for small to medium sized transport and haulage companies.

How will a TMS help me?

By removing duplication from your process and administration errors whilst speeding up your planning and invoice processes, a TMS can help save you time and money and allow organic business growth.

How does a TMS save time?

With a single point of data entry, generating delivery notes, delivery manifests and invoices can be done automatically and take a matter of seconds, reducing your administration time by up to 80%.

How does a TMS save money?

Due to the amount of time saved, staff can now use their time more efficiently, reducing the need for additional staff members. Transport management systems can also help save you money by reducing the need for highly skilled workers and the overheads associated with hiring them.

Can I edit information after a job has been completed?

Absolutely! Information such as weight or product quantity can be altered until the moment a job is invoiced. This ensures you are paid fairly based on the work carried out.

How much does a TMS system cost?

A Transport Management System is designed to save, not cost you money, so after your operational savings, if it costs you anything you’ve bought the wrong system! Make sure to contact the team today for a tailored quote.

Are you big enough for a TMS?

HaulTech has transport and haulage customers whose fleet size starts at just 3 vehicles. You shouldn’t think about a TMS as something you have when your business has grown to support ‘x’ vehicles or ‘y’ turnover – think about as an additional pair of admin hands that will help you to get your invoices out and paid faster. HaulTech’s Transport Management Software helps companies find a better, faster and more efficient way to record, consolidate and allocate work to their vehicles or subcontractors. It allows them to create delivery paperwork fast (if required) before speeding up cashflow by getting an invoice to your customer as fast as possible. And it all comes with no double entry of job/customer data, so you don’t need additional admin support to help you do your day job.

How does a TMS connect with my customers?

Our online customer portal allows your customers to add their own jobs, further reducing your administration time and potential for error.  In addition your customer can see the status of all of their work, the ETA for delivery and, once completed, see the signed Proof of Delivery (POD) with time and GPS location stamp of where and when the delivery was made.

Will the TMS connect with my accounts package?

HaulTech’s TMS will allow you to raise an invoice before sending it with/without supporting documents/PODs.

From an accounts package perspective the TMS then creates an export allowing you to quickly transfer your invoice data into Xero, Sage and Quickbooks to name a few.  Invoicing through HaulTech’s TMS can reduce your invoicing time from hours down to minutes!

You currently use a paper-based system, why should you switch to tech alternative?

HaulTech specialise in helping hauliers to take their first steps away from their paper processes and into a modern, more effective system. Our approach focusses on training and support. Even if you’ve never used a computer before, the HaulTech TMS is designed to be as simple as possible.

Will a TMS work in my industry?

A TMS can benefit any transport operation. Delivery, collection, distribution, bulk haulage and waste management are just some of the sectors that HaulTech work with.

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