Warehouse Management Software System

Are you considering how you currently manage the administration side of your warehouse? If so, the HaulTech team have put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to assist you in identifying how a solution can help save your team time and money, aid your warehouse operations and provide your customer a connected experience.

What will a warehouse management system do for your business?

If you’re operating a small to medium sized warehouse the chances are you’re managing it using paper and/or excel to do so.  Whilst the process may work well as your business grows and customer demand changes paper/excel doesn’t provide you with the scope to keep up.

How will a WMS help me?

A Warehouse Management System will help you to centralise all of your warehouse data in the one place – that means you can use that information again and again without the need to re-write or re-type it. It will create you a single point of data entry, allow you to quickly administer the receipt of inbound goods, know what quantities of product you have for that customer (and know where to find them in your warehouse!), speed up your pick and dispatch process, handle FIFO stock and utilise barcode labelling/scanning. A warehouse system will then help you to manage your customer invoicing as it knows what you charge, how you charge and when to charge it – an invoice can then be sent directly from the system to your customer at the touch of a button.

So to answer the question – it will help you to up your game, enhance your customer experience, grow your business through tech, keep costs to a minimum and create you a real sales USP that makes your customer sticky. Sounds a no-brainer doesn’t it?! That’s because it is.

How does a WMS help to save you time?

Our 25 years of experience providing warehouse software systems has seen us help warehouse operators to grow without the need for additional headcount. Every stage of the receipt to dispatch process is connected together so every step is an opportunity save time and reduce the opportunity for error.

  • You can add receipts for inbound stock, or you can give your customer access to an online portal where they can notify you of what they’re sending in
  • Paper goods-in notes can be produced in seconds from within the system (or you can use a simple to operate app to receive goods)
  • Stock is automatically updated if using the app (no need for someone else to input it)
  • Stock locations are selected and recorded so when you need to pick again your team know where it is
  • Your customers can call-off via an online portal which automatically updates your warehouse system with the pick date and products required
  • The WMS will allow you to raise your invoices at the touch of a button, so invoicing takes minutes, not hours

A single point of data entry will reduce administration time by removing duplicated work. All product and customer information are replicated throughout the system at every appropriate stage.

Will a WMS help to manage stock levels?

Absolutely! Accurate barcode scanning allows you to keep track of what good are coming in, what is in stock and what has been dispatched.

Stock can be allocated to a holding location, allowing the product to be found easily by your warehouse team. The most appropriate stock (FIFO) can be picked with stock levels updating within seconds.

Other than the physical pick your instruction through to dispatch can be handled seamlessly by the WMS no manual interaction.

If I want to use paper documents can a WMS generate them?

It certainly can! Creating receipts, labels, picks and invoices can all be done using paper if you prefer. HaulTech’s warehouse management system supports many ways of working and whilst you many want to work in that way today should things change it provides you the scope to switch when the time is right.

Can you invoice from the system?

Yes, the WMS has a full invoice module that allows you to print invoices or send them to your customer by email. The warehouse system then connects to your accounting system to save you a job there too!

But what if you need to change the invoice? Until an invoice is sent to the customer, the information can be altered before being committed.

And to save HaulTech’s Warehouse Management System supports the use of rate tables – meaning you can set up the agreed charges for storage, re-work etc, so the system can automatically create the draft invoice without anyone having to manually create it.

What type of warehousing is supporting?

The HaulTech Warehouse Management System supports up to two tier warehousing.

For example, you is supports pallets>boxes or boxes>items. However, it doesn’t support 3 tier which is pallets>boxes>items.

Can my customers become connected to the WMS?

They certainly can! Through an online portal your customer can create receipts/picks for themselves, further reducing your need to re-enter the data onto other systems.

Via the portal your customers are also able to see their live stock levels, create receipts and add picks – all of which creates a greater level of transparency and visibility between them, their goods and you.

How much does a WMS cost?

If a WMS is costing you more than the operational savings you made, it is the wrong system for you! The team at HaulTech will be happy to discuss your needs further and provide a tailored quote.

Can a WMS integrate with a Transport Management System (TMS)?

HaulTech’s Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System are designed to work seamlessly together.

The WMS and TMS streamline processes through a single point of data entry, reducing duplication from receipt, through to pick, despatch, delivery to the recipient and invoice. The integration between the two system allows you to use picks created in the WMS to create jobs in the TMS, reducing administration time even further and generating even more operational savings. If your organisation houses and distributes goods, this is the ideal support solution.

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HaulTech | HTC Solutions Limited
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Staffordshire, ST5 9QF
Tel: 01782 662244
Email: hello@haultech.co.uk
Company Registration Number: 02850756