Fleet Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering purchasing fleet tracking or upgrading your current solution?

If so, the HaulTech team have put together an FAQ section to assist you in identifying the solution that best fits your operational and compliance needs.

What things should you consider when looking for a Fleet Tracking Solution?

When looking for a fleet tracking solution it is important to understand what you’re wanting to get out of it. There’s a wide range of GPS tracking technology available and as a result it’s easy to get bamboozled. Here at HaulTech we provide a wide range of solutions to suit every application. So whether you’re looking for a simple vehicle tracking system for your van or a more feature-rich solution for your trucks, our professional range of simple to use, reliable and resilient tech can be a great addition to a small, medium or large sized fleet.

From vehicle tracking that provides accurate vehicle position, mileage, start and stop times and time on site through to full telematics with live on-screen tachograph reporting, our industry leading solutions provide you with the in-depth and compliance data you need to maximise opportunity and efficiency in your business. Simply log in to our online portal and get instant access to your key performance indicators.

How will a HaulTech vehicle tracking solution assist with compliance?

From ensuring your vehicles are where they need to be, when they need to be there, through to automated DDD files sent to your inbox or tachograph analysis provider HaulTech’s wide range of connected tachograph solutions provides the compliance files you need without the need for manpower. Our live on-screen tachograph solutions display full details on total drive time, ensuring that your drivers remain compliant.

How will a HaulTech vehicle tracking solution improve my operational output?

HaulTech’s intuitive, simple to use online tracking system makes resource utilisation simple. Information such as which vehicle is nearest to a customer allows you to dispatch the most cost effective, appropriately skilled and/or most appropriate vehicle – so you can maximise your efficiency and profitability whilst ensuring customer expectations are met.

For organisations looking to manage time, accurate start and stop times (supported by live tachograph if required) gives you independent and accurate data (such as how many hours a driver worked).

Driver reporting scorecards allow you to focus on road risk/driver training in the most impactful areas.

How will a HaulTech vehicle tracking solution protect my insurance premium?

Insurers are interested in reduced risk – whether that be your risk or theirs. Organisations who use technology to evidence their risk (and more importantly use the data provided by such systems to make impactful change) are typically the type of business who wants to be efficient, compliant and safe.

So is fitting a tracking system attractive to an insurer?

Absolutely – but don’t be fooled into thinking the insurer will pay for the privilege.  Any changes you can make to your business to reduce risk this year will improve your claims experience and potentially reduce the cost of claims. So, in essence, using the data provided by a tracking system can be used to impact this year’s claims and as such potentially next year’s premium.

Let’s not also forget that if the vehicle is stolen, being able to track where it’s been and where it is now can help the police recover your vehicle (and it’s contents) in the fastest time frame possible.

Which tachograph analysis companies does a HaulTech vehicle tracking solution work with?

HaulTech works with both Siemens VDO and Stoneridge tachographs where the DDD files are automatically offloaded from the tacho without the need for you to visit the vehicle to manually retrieve them.

Once the DDD files are offloaded the can then to imported into any of the leading Tachograph analysis providers including:

  • Novadata
  • Styoneridge
  • Tachomaster
  • TruTac
  • VisionFTA
  • Wirral Tachograph

How can a HaulTech vehicle tracking solution reduce the environmental impact of operating a fleet of vehicles?

Burning a litre of diesel produces around 2.68kgs of carbon dioxide so anything you can do to improve MPG, reduce idling and/or reduce unnecessary mileage has a positive impact on your bottom line and the environment too.

Through technology that connects to the vehicle’s FMS/Canbus HaulTech is able to read fuel use data directly from the vehicle – so you’re able to get a real-world picture of fuel burn. HaulTech’s vehicle tracking and telematics system breaks down all areas of fuel use into a simple reporting output where you can see how much fuel was burned when the vehicle was moving, how much when it was idling and how much when the cruise control was engaged. The simple dashboard reports provided by the telematics system mean you can access the info you need in seconds without the need to have an IT degree to understand them, and more importantly, work with the data to drive the available improvements you’d like to see.

What information does a HaulTech vehicle tracking solution provide?

HaulTech’s tracking and telematics system can provide as much or as little information as you require (and the vehicle can offer). As standard all solutions include vehicle position, event time, journey replay, start and stop times, direction of travel and mileage covered.

If your requirement is for greater level of driver/vehicle performance data vehicle telematic technology will include fuel, idle, cruise control use – and if tachograph data is a top priority HaulTech solutions include drive, rest and other work times that support and promote your VOSA compliance.

How much does a HaulTech vehicle tracking solution cost?

Now that’s a good question! The answer ultimately depends on your requirement for information. The more tech you need the higher the cost.

The HaulTech team work with our customers to ensure you can achieve best value from the solutions we provide. We’ve see all too often fleet operators being over-sold on technology that an operator simply won’t use – and on the opposing side we’ve seen fleets invest in low-cost systems that can’t then deliver the returns available to that business. That’s the reason we have a broad range of hardware solutions that enable a business to grow as the opportunity arises.

Our helpful team are on hand to discuss your needs and work with you to find the right solution at the right price point.

You can contact the team here.

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HaulTech | HTC Solutions Limited
1 Evolution, Hooters Hall Road
Staffordshire, ST5 9QF
Tel: 01782 662244
Email: hello@haultech.co.uk
Company Registration Number: 02850756