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12/10/2018by admin

Thinking about investing in a Transport Management System?

HaulTech have put together some key questions and answers to help you make that decision

What Benefits will I see moving from my paper/Excel based Diary system?

A – Reduce the administration relating to your job booking to invoice process by 80%

Will it save me time, money or both?

A – Both.  Prior to inception transport operators typically touch the same data 6-8 times, often requiring them to hand write/type the same customer, collection/delivery address, product and weight/volume information over and over again.  The costs of time and labour for this unseen task quickly adds up.

Where will I see the Savings and how can I measure them?

A – Following the initial order booking, and each touch point taking just 60 seconds to document, time soon adds up.  For a haulier doing 50 jobs each week that’s 21 hours of additional/unnecessary double entry.   That’s almost 50% of someone’s work week lost just sifting from one place to another.  And that’s before we think about potential errors that may come along the way……

Will my Customers see an instant improvement in service?

A – Yes, once your customer data has been added you can be up and running within days.

Do HaulTech assist with the transition?

A – Yes – From importing through sage through job quoting, job booking, load building, delivery, POD and invoice our experienced training team hand hold you though the journey to ensure your team are fully conversant.

Show me the saving and ROI

A – See above example.

  • Measure closing ratios from quote to won business
  • Deliver a DPD style experience making your business more attractive to existing and potential customers
  • Replace administration time with greater productivity to drive your business forwards
  • Streamline your operation through standardisation of process
  • Optimise routes based on minimum mileage/cost
  • Receive PODs in real-time allowing you to invoice at the earliest opportunity
  • Save on paper and filing space
  • Work remotely if required

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