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From vehicle tracking to vehicle CCTV solutions, HaulTech has a professional range of commercial vehicle tech that helps protect your drivers, vehicles and insurance premium

Cost Effective Protection for your Commercial Vehicles

Whether you operate a small or large fleet, HaulTech’s flexible vehicle hardware solutions are designed to support your business. Built on innovation, HaulTech continue to be at the forefront of the industry with a unique and industry-leading platform that combines live video footage with accurate vehicle location information. Our integrated vehicle camera and tracking solutions incorporate important vehicle telematics data with crystal-clear HD video footage, creating the ultimate tool to aid fleet operators looking to protect their insurance premium, reduce their road risk and lower their operational costs. 

Since 1993, HaulTech have been providing technologies to aid fleet operators to accurately monitor their vehicles on the move. Starting with vehicle tracking before GPRS or 3G, 4G or 5G existed, we have a proven history of developing hardware solutions that are designed to support the commercial vehicle operator. Whilst others were using dial-up modems, HaulTech’s customers benefited from live streaming and real-time information. Once upon a time, these solutions were only available for enterprise companies which vast fleets and extensive budgets. However, that is simply not the case anymore!

Vehicle CCTV is becoming an essential tool to protect vehicles, drivers and vulnerable road users whilst appeasing insurance companies. Vehicle tracking solutions are enabling fleets to better organise their operations, leading to an increased profitability and organic growth. 

With rising operational costs and increasingly difficult driving conditions, there has never been a better time to invest in one of HaulTech’s vehicle tracking and camera hardware solutions to help support the safety, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet. Our customers are benefiting from reduced insurance premiums, fewer claims, better insurance loss ratio, increased driver performance and reduced environmental impact through an improvement in MPG and lower CO² emissions.

All these benefits, and more, are available without breaking the bank. 

Vehicle Tracking


Our wide range of technology helps you access the information you want, whenever you need it, that helps you to drive your business forwards. Our vehicle tracking solutions are designed to provide your team with powerful insight into your vehicle operation by providing key performance data.

  • Online web portal – Powerful yet simple tool so you can access your fleet from anywhere
  • Accurate vehicle location – Current location of the vehicle so you know exactly where your team is
  • Route replay – So you know exactly where they’ve been and when
  • Nearest vehicle – So you can dispatch the closest, most appropriate and cost-effective resource to a location
  • Resource utilisation – So you know which vehicles have and haven’t worked today
  • Driver behaviour reporting – So you know where to focus your training and education efforts
  • Vehicle scorecards – So you can see utilisation and driving styles

So, whether you’re looking to simply track vehicle location or delve deeper into tachograph analysis and compliance, HaulTech has the right solution for you.

HaulTech TrakMan vehicle analysis reporting screen displayed on a computer monitor

Vehicle CCTV


A cost-effective option to provide accurate information to fleet operators and insurers in the event of an accident. Some of the key features include:

  • Full HD recording
  • 3G/4G connectivity
  • Up to one month onboard storage
  • Secure and tamper resistant
  • Simple and easy to use web access and/or Windows playback software
  • Up to 8 camera systems including Forward facing, side view, rear facing and driver facing options
  • Infra-red external cameras for night vision
  • Dashboard monitor display to aid driver’s visibility
  • Journey replay that includes GPS location
  • FORS and Direct Vision Standard compliant equipment

Have you found that a claim just doesn’t add up? Maybe your insurers are
unwilling to defend you or driver and witness statements paint different pictures? If so, vehicle CCTV solutions provide the perfect tool for establishing the truth and protecting your vehicles on road. Could you afford to lose your most valuable asset? Our solutions are proven to reduce disputed claims from 40% to 2%.

HaulTech are also proud to offer complete FORS and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for London compliant equipment.

Direct Vision Standard (DVS)


Direct Vision Standard (DVS) has been introduced by Transport for London (TFL) to help protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists when they are in close proximity to a vehicle.

The new standard will see all HGVs over 12 tonnes requiring a ‘Safe System’ safety permit to enter or operate in Greater London – and with penalty charge notices of up to £550 issued to every vehicle that doesn’t comply, the financial implications of failing to install a system are costly.

To help support you in getting the approval you need HaulTech can supply and install the following Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for London compliant equipment:-

  • Near-side blind spot camera
  • Dashboard monitor
  • Near-side proximity sensors
  • Audible left-turn alarm
  • Over-speed alarm cut-out
  • Warning stickers

Applying for your DVS permit is free and simple to do, but hauliers must first take steps to ensure their vehicles are correctly equipped to cope with the busy streets of the capital city.

To find out more about how DVS will affect your fleet click here.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)


FORS accreditation is designed to help promote transport and haulage operators who are committed to improving their safety standards whilst reducing the environmental impact of their freight operations throughout the UK.

As a promoter of fleet efficiency, productivity and environmental impact here at HaulTech we understand the importance of FORS’ Silver and Gold standards so that’s why we’ve created a professional range of compliant equipment, sourced from best of breed manufacturers to help get you there.  These include vehicle safety technologies and driver visibility solutions such as:-

  • Blind-spot cameras
  • In-cab monitor
  • Close proximity warning sensors
  • Audible reversing system
  • Audible left turning warning

To find out more about how HaulTech can help your operation to be FORS compliant please click here.

Image showing a near side camera installed onto a truck. The camera helps eliminate the blind spot that a driver has in their mirrors

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HaulTech Logo, orange, grey and black
HaulTech | HTC Solutions Limited
1 Evolution, Hooters Hall Road
Staffordshire, ST5 9QF
Tel: 01782 662244
Company Registration Number: 02850756