Dashcam to 360′ Vehicle CCTV Systems

Delivering and supporting a comprehensive and scaleable range of vehicle camera solutions

Commercial Grade Vehicle CCTV Solutions for Vans and Trucks

Whether you’re looking for a camera system for your van or truck HaulTech have a fantastic range of flexible and scaleable solutions to help support your business.

From dashcam to full 360 degree hard drive recording systems (and non-connected to 3G/4G enabled that allow you to remotely access and download video whilst the vehicle is away from base) combined with best-in-class and Industry leading support make HaulTech an ideal technology partner.

So whether you’re requirement is being driven by you, your drivers, your customer, your insurance broker or insurer our FORS, CLOCS & WRRR compliant camera solutions will help to ensure your fleet remains safe and compliant whilst helping you to manage cost and reduce road risk.
  • Forward Facing Cameras
  • Multi CCTV Cameras
  • Connected Cameras

With insurance premiums rising and industry accreditations (FORS, CLOCS & WRRR ) requiring fleet operators to demonstrate risk reduction, vehicle CCTV forms an essential safety and protection tool that benefits and safeguards vulnerable road users, vehicle drivers and fleet operators.

There’s no better time to equip your vehicles with a solution that can grow with your requirements.

Here at HaulTech we specialise in Transport and haulage safety and productivity technology -so that makes us a great partner to help support business growth and fleet protection/safety.

Our professional range of dashcam/forward facing van and truck CCTV technologies:-

  • Require no driver interaction
  • Support 3G/4G connectivity – meaning you can access and download footage from the camera whilst the vehicle is out on the road
  • Are hard-wired into the vehicles so the system records whenever the vehicle is running
  • Have the ability to continue recording after the vehicle is switched off
  • Record vehicle location, speed and direction of travel
  • Are secure & tamper resistant
  • Offer audio recording if required
  • No driver interaction required
  • Have access to historic onboard recording
  • Powerful and easy to use replay software

What benefits will forward facing CCTV bring to your vehicles?

  • Companies who use technology to protect their business are typically a lower insurance risk
  • See what actually happened
  • See what led up to the incident – can lessons be learned?
  • Identify how many people/vehicles were involved
  • Defend yourself from false allegations
  • Share with your broker/insurer/authorities
  • Share experience and footage for wider audience training

Scale up your fleet protection with a 360 Fleet CCTV Camera Solutions

From the work HaulTech do with transport fleets, insurers and brokers we know that 40% of claims are disputed with the typical outcome demonstrating an increased loss ratio, greater insurer risk and higher insurance premium. HaulTech’s 360 Camera solutions are proven to reduce disputed claims from 40% to just 2%.

How can HaulTech Help?

HaulTech can install side and rear cameras which along with front facing cameras deliver a 360 view around each and every vehicle in your fleet.

Features & Benefits:

  • Full HD recording across all cameras
  • Up to 3 months of onboard recording available
  • Dashboard monitor displays near side blind spot camera when left turn indicator is active
  • Journey replay includes GPS position and G-Force
  • Choose from 4 or 8 camera system
  • Choose 3G/4G connectivity
  • Records up to 30 frames per second
  • IP69K rated external cameras
  • Secure & Tamper resistant
  • Audio recording if required
  • No driver interaction required
  • Powerful and easy to use replay software

360 Fleet CCTV Connected Camera Solutions, real time incident notifications

Having access to see what led up to any situation is extremely powerful and adds huge operational benefit and advantage to any business. Being able to access that information in real-time (whilst your vehicle is on the road away from the yard) takes those advantages to the next level.

How can HaulTech Help?

HaulTech’s 25 years of experience working with fleet operators, insurance brokers and insurers puts us in a great place to help you understand how best to support and defend your business whilst protecting it’s insurance loss ratio.

Our range of connected 3G/4G camera solutions cover from forward facing to full 360’ vehicle camera systems and include the opportunity to connect ancillary data from telematics to tachograph – our solutions can go far beyond the benefit of video.

What benefits does a Connected 3G/4G camera bring to my business?

  • Live stream CCTV footage from your vehicles as and when required
  • See what is going on right now – is the vehicle still being unloaded? Is it being held on site? Is your driver ok?
  • Access/download historic recorded footage whilst the vehicle is on the road
  • Demonstrate your business control by live streaming from the vehicle to your PC/tablet/smartphone
  • Allows you to address FNOL (First Notification of Loss) alerting to your insurance broker/insurer

What the solution looks like

  • Full HD recording across all cameras
  • Onboard storage media allows you to download historic recording
  • Dashboard monitor displays near side blind spot camera when left turn indicator is active
  • Journey replay that includes GPS location and G-Force/accelerometer/shock information
  • From 1 to 8 camera system
  • 3G/4G connectivity
  • Records up to 30 frames per second
  • Exceptional recording quality
  • Infra-red external cameras for night vision
  • IP69K rated external cameras
  • Secure & Tamper resistant
  • Option to activate audio recording if required
  • No driver interaction required
  • Powerful and easy to use replay software
Forward Facing Cameras
live view from a front facing CCTV Camera Solution supplied by HaulTech
360 CCTV Cameras
4 screens displaying live view and data from vehicle using 360 Fleet CCTV Camera Solutions (front, side and rear) from HaulTech

We’re here to support you and your fleet:-

  1. Experience – We bring over 25 years best-of-breed Industry experience to vehicle safety and risk reduction
  2. Technology – We design and use best of breed products so you’re safe in the knowledge that you have the right solutions are partners behind you
  3. Consultancy – We help you understand what is available to meet today’s needs whilst ensuring you have the capability to scale should you need to
  4. Installation – Our UK wide team have years of experience installing vehicle cameras, tracking and telematics hardware in all types of commercial vehicles
  5. Training – We provide in-depth training to help get your teams fully up to speed – but don’t worry, all of our products are designed to be easy to use so your team will be getting the best from your investment in no time!

Don’t wait until after the event – HaulTech’s cost effective range of vehicle CCTV provide real time notifications and control.

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