For Small Change Our Vehicle Tracking Makes A Massive Difference


Keeping track of your fleet is a paramount process to gain an efficient and firm foothold in the modern world of logistics. That is why at Haultech we are offering a cheap and reliable tracking product that will allow you to monitor your fleets location and performance in real time. For just £4.99 per week Haultech will supply you with a number of logistical tools such as vehicle location monitoring, geo-fencing, journey playback options, and Google mapping. Haultech also includes an alert system that uses pop-up messages, texts, or emails to instantly inform you of any disruptions in your fleets progress.

Incorporating a tracking system in to your logistical planning has a number of benefits that will help you to improve the quality of your service such as the improvement of time management, more efficient route planning, and quicker response times to emergencies or unexpected disruptions. A tracking system also allows you to record and store data, which can be drawn upon in the pre-planning stages to improve your company’s financial performance by cutting out unnecessary down time and costs.

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