TrakMan Live: The world’s most advanced incident camera


3G Enabled Vehicle Accident Camera with Live Tracking & Real-Time Image Transfer

TraKMan Live  is the world’s most advanced incident camera with powerful 3G video transmission, built-in tracking and telematics data. This industry leading solution records real time HD Images before, during and after an incident, ensuring that no evidence is lost providing instant notifications & videos of incidents in less than a minute.


 3G connectivity
HD video
 GPS data records full time to provide location data, vehicle speed & accurate time/date
Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking & steering)
Google Maps Integration for Route Tracking
Support is provided by our own in-house Support and Development Team with a dedicated help line.

With TrakMan Live  Say goodbye to:

 Insurance fraud
Conflicting Reports of Actual Events

 Cash for crash/Pre-meditated staged accidents

False/exaggerated whiplash claims
Lack of witnesses
Driving offence allegations (Speed Cameras, Traffic Signal violations etc…)


How much will it cost me?

*£19.95 per/month
Includes hardware, software and airtime. (5 Year contract).
Plus fitting charge of £49.00.

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13th May 2016

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