Take planning to the next level with HaulTech Transport Management System


The HaulTech TMS is a premium business tool which helps users to enhance planning, increase profitability and customer service levels by optimising vehicle and driver utilisation and reducing the administration burden.

check-305421_960_720Book and manage collection & delivery jobs
check-305421_960_720Plan loads
check-305421_960_720Optimise mileage
check-305421_960_720Efficiently allocate resources: vehicle, driver, trailer and/or subcontractor
check-305421_960_720Create documents: delivery notes, load manifests
check-305421_960_720Generate invoices/ Email invoice
check-305421_960_720Report Suite, detailed financial and performance reports including revenue, customer trends & vehicle performance
check-305421_960_720Service and expiry records for vehicle & trailer
check-305421_960_720Repeat job templates and quote form
check-305421_960_720Online job booking and consignment tracking
check-305421_960_720Server based or hosted services

“Through the HaulTech TMS we have optimised the operational and financial performance of our delivery services, reduced our administration costs and repositioned the company as an IT driven haulier.”
James Wilkinson,
Austin Wilkinson & Sons Ltd

“Implementing HaulTech’s system has accelerated the order to invoice process and optimised the efficiency of our fleet. Customers are now able to book jobs and monitor their progress online, which saves time & money and has ultimately generated more orders.”
Mick Stirzaker
Browns Distribution

“HaulTech has given us an integrated system that manages our orders, customers, warehouse, fleet and traffic office. The system has enabled us to better manage our operational and financial performance while improving customer service through advanced services and visibility.”
Richard Howarth
S Cooper & Sons Limited


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9th June 2016

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