Say goodbye to the ‘crash for cash’ scams

Case study:

  • Truck driver accused of hitting third party in rear
  • 4 alleged whiplash claims
  • Third party crosses 3 lanes at speed, clearly brakes in front of vehicle
  • Potential £75k claim diverted


Over the last decade, fraudulent personal injury claims and ‘crash-for-cash’ has increased in the UK, generating huge costs to the insurance industry as a result and a significant 12% increase to car insurance premiums compared to this time last year. According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) organisation, one in seven personal injury claims can be linked to a suspected organised ‘Crash for Cash’ scam.

This is probably the reason why the popularity of dash-cams has rapidly grown over the past few years; millions of motorists in the UK have now opted to install this integrated system into their vehicles, due to the invaluable features and benefits that it delivers.

Not only the protection against crash-for-cash scams, by producing irrefutable evidence that can be used by the insurance providers in case of a road incident, the system also provides other features such as monitoring driver behaviour, which has an important impact on fuel consumption, time efficiency and actively promotes safe driving, giving you the option to report dangerous drivers around you by recording their inappropriate use of the driving regulations.

It is important to point out that commercial fleet vehicles are more likely to be involved with fraudulent injury claims, due to their large size, complex maneuverability and stopping distance; causing a negative impact to business reputation and potentially generating a massive financial impact to the company.

With that said, the insurance companies have taken action by offering up to 10% discount to customers who install dashboard cameras in their vehicles.

With integrated systems such as our latest addition to the HaulTech product range, the TrakMan Live eye_symbol that combines vehicle tracking, driver and vehicle performance and live incident camera in one simple solution, you can now have a real-time alert when an incident occurs; enabling the office to make immediate contact with the driver, with a series of on-screen snapshots, full HD video playback of the incident along with GPS tracking technology via the software platform and driver behaviour report.


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