Process Management



HaulTech’s Process Management premium tools help users to increase productivity and customer service by optimising vehicle and driver utilisation, this reduces the administration burden and helps the traffic office to increase profitability.

Traffic Management System (TMS):

The HaulTech Traffic Management System (TMS) is a premium business tool which helps users to increase profitability and customer service by optimising vehicle and driver utilisation and reducing the administration burden.

The TMS harnesses online, in-cab and third party technologies to deliver a scalable, solution to be utilised by logistics, distribution and haulage companies to optimise their operation while offering customers unparalleled control and visibility of their consignments.

Warehouse Management System (WMS):

The HaulTech warehouse management system (WMS) enables users to optimise the efficiency of their entire warehouse operation by creating a comprehensive, auditable record of stock movement, space and resource utilisation.

The WMS can be employed as a PC driven, hard copy based solution or as a wireless, bar code reading system driven by warehouse operatives utilising hand-held devices.

Proof of Delivery (POD):

HaulTech can offer a number of solutions to optimise the efficiency of the all-important Proof of Delivery process.

Offering both paper-based and electronic signature capture solutions HaulTech delivers solutions that reduce paper and accelerate invoicing times.

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