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Specialising in developing and implementing logistic software solutions, we have over 10 years of experience in the logistic systems industry. Although we are based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, we peddle our services on a national scale. Our services comprise of warehouse managing systems, traffic managing systems, Haultech connect systems, Haultech hardware systems, the Haultech TrakMan system and Haultech POD.

All of our systems are created by veteran transport professionals specifically for your business. Our team of professionals have received industry recognition as well as praise from our clientele for the positive effects our systems have on maximising revenues, improve service, manage productivity and ensure compliance.

“HaulTech has given us an integrated system that manages our orders, customers, warehouse, fleet and traffic office. The system has enabled us to better manage our operational and financial performance while improving customer service through advanced services and visibility.”

Richard Howarth. S Cooper & Sons Limited

 “Implementing HaulTech’s system has accelerated the order to invoice process and optimised the efficiency of our fleet. Customers are now able to book jobs and monitor their progress online, which saves time & money and has ultimately generated more orders.”

Mick Stirzaker, Operations Manager. Browns Distribution

Since we provide our services on a national level, we understand our clients will differ in terms of needs and that is why we offer our clients tailor made logistic systems, as well as standard systems, in order to meet every requirement you may have.

If you would like to enquire our services in more detail, or require more information on our road haulage software, or are looking to implement a smarter logistic software, then give us a call on 01782 662244 or alternatively you can email us at enquiries@haultech.co.uk.

22nd March 2013

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