Simplify steps in real-time with the HaulTech ePOD solution! ›

14th June 2016



The HaulTech electronic Proof of Delivery solution manages delivery and collection processes, improving the accuracy of delivery information, enabling the communication between the driver and your transport team and reducing administration costs.

A signature is captured to signify the safe arrival of items at their destination, and digital pictures confirm whether or not goods are free of damage and that no items are missing. Our ePOD mobile app eliminates the need for paper invoices, delivery comments and damage reports, reducing the amount you spend on printing and document storage. Your drivers can take up to twenty pictures of damaged vehicles or goods, allowing clients to sign for deliveries and input customer notes all from their mobile device.

Our ePOD solution can be integrated with the HaulTech TMS to support every aspect of your logistics operations, and it can be operated using any Android smartphone through our POD app.


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Improve delivery accuracy

Reduce paperwork

Reduce administration & management overhead

Enhance customer service

Enhance driver communications



Paperless solution

Full manifest availability

Additional notes

Barcode scanning

Image & signature capture

Multi-os: android and windows mobile

Take planning to the next level with HaulTech Transport Management System ›

9th June 2016


The HaulTech TMS is a premium business tool which helps users to enhance planning, increase profitability and customer service levels by optimising vehicle and driver utilisation and reducing the administration burden.

check-305421_960_720Book and manage collection & delivery jobs
check-305421_960_720Plan loads
check-305421_960_720Optimise mileage
check-305421_960_720Efficiently allocate resources: vehicle, driver, trailer and/or subcontractor
check-305421_960_720Create documents: delivery notes, load manifests
check-305421_960_720Generate invoices/ Email invoice
check-305421_960_720Report Suite, detailed financial and performance reports including revenue, customer trends & vehicle performance
check-305421_960_720Service and expiry records for vehicle & trailer
check-305421_960_720Repeat job templates and quote form
check-305421_960_720Online job booking and consignment tracking
check-305421_960_720Server based or hosted services

“Through the HaulTech TMS we have optimised the operational and financial performance of our delivery services, reduced our administration costs and repositioned the company as an IT driven haulier.”
James Wilkinson,
Austin Wilkinson & Sons Ltd

“Implementing HaulTech’s system has accelerated the order to invoice process and optimised the efficiency of our fleet. Customers are now able to book jobs and monitor their progress online, which saves time & money and has ultimately generated more orders.”
Mick Stirzaker
Browns Distribution

“HaulTech has given us an integrated system that manages our orders, customers, warehouse, fleet and traffic office. The system has enabled us to better manage our operational and financial performance while improving customer service through advanced services and visibility.”
Richard Howarth
S Cooper & Sons Limited


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TrakMan Live: The world’s most advanced incident camera ›

13th May 2016


3G Enabled Vehicle Accident Camera with Live Tracking & Real-Time Image Transfer

TraKMan Live  is the world’s most advanced incident camera with powerful 3G video transmission, built-in tracking and telematics data. This industry leading solution records real time HD Images before, during and after an incident, ensuring that no evidence is lost providing instant notifications & videos of incidents in less than a minute.


 3G connectivity
HD video
 GPS data records full time to provide location data, vehicle speed & accurate time/date
Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking & steering)
Google Maps Integration for Route Tracking
Support is provided by our own in-house Support and Development Team with a dedicated help line.

With TrakMan Live  Say goodbye to:

 Insurance fraud
Conflicting Reports of Actual Events

 Cash for crash/Pre-meditated staged accidents

False/exaggerated whiplash claims
Lack of witnesses
Driving offence allegations (Speed Cameras, Traffic Signal violations etc…)


How much will it cost me?

*£19.95 per/month
Includes hardware, software and airtime. (5 Year contract).
Plus fitting charge of £49.00.

Contact us for a Quote

01782 662244


1st April 2016


TrakMan Live  

Industry leading solution bringing together two technologies in one. The world’s most advanced vehicle incident camera with real time HD Images before, during and after an incident, ensuring that no evidence is lost. It’s GPS tracking technology is supported by our software platform TrakMan.

Say goodbye to:

  • Cash for crash/Pre-meditated staged accidents
  • False/exaggerated whiplash claims
  • Lack of witnesses
  • Driving offence allegations (Speed Cameras, Traffic Signal violations etc…)

Other Benefits:

  • 3G connectivity
  • GPS Vehicle Location
  • Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking & steering)
  • Support is provided by our own in-house Support and Development Teams with a dedicated help line.

What our customers say:

“Dixon Carphone, have been using a range of cameras products from HaulTech since September 2013. This system has provided valuable evidence on several occasions following accidents and other incidents. This allows us to deal with situations quicker and helps ensure we follow up with the appropriate actions. Beyond this we have seen improvements in the areas of both driver training and awareness. There is now a greater emphasis on driving standards from drivers and their driving styles which benefits both the driver and our business in terms of safety and compliance as well as a cost reduction.”

Chris Georgiou,
Dixon Carphone
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Managing fuel responsibly with HaulTech’s Vehicle Tracking System – TraKMan ›

19th February 2016


Motorists across the UK have experienced the benefit of the unexpected fuel price reduction the last quarter of 2015, reaching its lowest point since 2009. However, predictions can’t be made as the price can vary from one day to the other due to economic and environmental factors. 

Every Fleet Manager knows that fuel represents the largest component of total fleet operating costs, and if not used responsibly, it can increase the overall fleet expenses to significant level. 

With this in mind, what can you do to make sure your business is always as fuel efficient as possible? 

Find out how the HaulTech’s Vehicle Tracking System can help you to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 30%. 


Reducing engine idling times 

Monitoring and preventing excessive idling can save thousands of pounds of fuel expense every year. With the integrated software, fleet managers can simply log on to the portal to monitor each vehicle’s journey and see when the engine is turned on and off and when it’s moving. Via this mechanism the system can easily calculate accurate idle times per vehicle.  


Monitoring speed, harsh breaking and acceleration 

It’s a proven fact that speeding, harsh breaking and acceleration burns more fuel. The system collects speeding data from your tracked vehicles, enabling you to identify driving style parameters so you can take action in cases where more training is needed. 


Driver behaviour 

Driver behaviour has a major impact on your profitability. Improving the way your employees drive will have a considerable impact on fuel expenditure, insurance and wear and tear costs. 


HaulTech’s monitoring technology provides an invaluable insight into fuel consumption and driver and vehicle performance, providing a clear overview for fleet managers to make critical decisions and to target and prioritise in the right areas. 


Last but not least, responsible driving behaviour can help your company to not only improve driver safety and accident rate reduction, but also to achieve better public perception of your business and prevent costly damage to your corporate image. 


Route planning

Efficient routing offers an effective way for fleets to manage fuel expenses and increase bottom-line profits. With the HaulTech Transport Management System (TMS),  you have the option to plan daily routes beforehand which will enable the driver to optimize productivity in terms of time and miles driven.  

It also makes the driver-office communication more efficient for any updates regarding congested routes due to accidents or roadworks. 


Regular vehicle maintenance  

Something that we always advise to our clients is to perform regular vehicle maintenance, as this will have an important impact on fuel economy and emissions. At the same time, will ensure that your truck engine will operate to its maximum potential, thus providing you with the best fuel efficiency possible. 

Without a doubt, technology is changing the way we do things and those who have already incorporated advanced technology solutions into their businesses are reaping the benefits in terms of productivity, costs and ROI. Having 24/7 access to fleet and driver activity will enable you to drive growth and assure compliance in order to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.  


Click here to find out more about HaulTech’s Vehicle Tracking System – TraKMan , or get in touch with a member of our team for advice.  



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For Small Change Our Vehicle Tracking Makes A Massive Difference ›

10th November 2015


Keeping track of your fleet is a paramount process to gain an efficient and firm foothold in the modern world of logistics. That is why at Haultech we are offering a cheap and reliable tracking product that will allow you to monitor your fleets location and performance in real time. For just £4.99 per week Haultech will supply you with a number of logistical tools such as vehicle location monitoring, geo-fencing, journey playback options, and Google mapping. Haultech also includes an alert system that uses pop-up messages, texts, or emails to instantly inform you of any disruptions in your fleets progress.

Incorporating a tracking system in to your logistical planning has a number of benefits that will help you to improve the quality of your service such as the improvement of time management, more efficient route planning, and quicker response times to emergencies or unexpected disruptions. A tracking system also allows you to record and store data, which can be drawn upon in the pre-planning stages to improve your company’s financial performance by cutting out unnecessary down time and costs.

Find out more about our tracking products by getting in touch or visit our Asset Tracking page.

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Fleet Manager Available ›

2nd September 2015


Fleet Manager Available

Immediate start for only £5.99 per week!

Managing a fleet can be an expensive and time consuming process that requires a sizable workforce to cover all the associated tasks. That is why at Haultech we are offering you a highly skilled Fleet Manager that can supply reliable and efficient logistical support at a reasonable price.

His name is Trakman!

Using features such as vehicle and driver performance monitoring, Google mapping, geo-fencing and journey playback, Trakman can analyse your fleet’s performance and provide you with a detailed statistics report that reflects all aspects of your fleet’s performance. From accurate miles per gallon readings to live tachographic data, then compiled in a Bespoke report, Trakman can provide all this and more for just £5.99 per week. He is the ideal candidate with all the skills necessary to manage your fleet and maintain a high quality service that guarantees financial performance.

If you would like to know more about Trakman then get in touch today at: 01782 662244. Or find us online at:



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Theft recovery using HaulTech Tracking ›

4th August 2015

Theft recovery using HaulTech Tracking saves Lancaster Coldstore up to £75,000 in merchandise in one incident!!!

Dave from Lancaster says; “Since using HaulTech Trakman trailer tracking it has saved us potentially in the region of £75,000 of merchandise. For example, a phone call was received from one of our satellite hubs asking if one of the trailers had been moved – it was then reported as stolen. When looking into the tracking historical data we were able to establish that the trailer had been taken overnight and we could track the trailer – The police were then able to recover the trailer and its load.”

Lancaster Colstore uses HaulTech Asset tracking solution to ensure it has unparalleled 24 / 7 access to vehicle, trailer or plant machine activity and performance. It provides them with the tools required to dynamically manage complex delivery or collections schedules.

Why not ask the HaulTech team today for a free consultation service, where we will help diagnose your tracking  requirements – and prevent loss to your fleet.

Lancaster Coldstore Limited Logo

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Smarter integration – CV Show 2015 ›

12th March 2015

Press release for CV Show 2015 – Hall 4, Stand 4H01

HaulTech combines vehicle tracking, driver behaviour and Live incident Camera reporting in one simple solution

At this year’s CV Show, transport management software specialist HaulTech will be demonstrating a cost-effective solution for operators who want live camera images about any incident their vehicles and drivers are involved in but who have been deterred in the past by the complexity or cost of adding in-vehicle CCTV to their existing transport management or tracking package.

The key difference with HaulTech’s solution is that instead of feeding video of incidents live via a SIM card in the incident recorder or by integration with the telematics device, it uses the advanced capabilities of the Smart Witness KP1 incident camera. In addition it also delivers conventional fleet management benefits such as vehicle tracking and driver behaviour data to its TrakMan Live O tracking platform.

“Hauliers are looking for help both when it comes to managing incidents with their vehicles and drivers and how tracking and performance monitoring can improve their bottom line and manage customer expectations, but also want a smart integrated solution”, says Clare Armstrong Commercial Director for HaulTech.

” The KP1 incident Camera constantly monitors vehicle location and records driver behaviour such as harsh braking , harsh cornering and speeding. For many hauliers, that basic information is all they require to manage their operations and customer expectations. So why fit a separate device with all the cost and complexity that incurs? ”

“The KP1 compresses the 20-second video clip into just 150KB of data, so operators do not need to worry about the impact streaming large video files would have on mobile data allowances”, says Bob Haughton, Business Development Director .

When the G-sensor on the KP1 is activated, up to 20 still images are immediately dispatched to the TrakMan Live eye_symbolplatform. Office staff receive an immediate alert of the incident, which they can review quickly for necessary action or FNOL purposes .If required they simply click a button to play back a 20 -second video clip of the incident – there’s no need to log on to a different site to view it; there is no waiting for the driver to report an event, or the vehicle having to return to base to remove the SD memory card for analysis. The video footage is also saved to the integral dual 32GB SD card, which is locked to protect against tampering. “Delivering all the data into TrakMan Live eye_symbolallows office staff to react immediately to any event from a late arrival to an incident.”

CV Show exclusive offer
A full demonstration will be running on the HaulTech’s stand 4HO1 in hall 4 together with HaulTech’s range of Transport Management Systems, including TrakMan telematics solution and HaulTech Traffic.

Visitors to the stand can take advantage of 2015 CV Show offer .
Prices start from £19.95 per month including hardware, TrakMan Live eye_symbol platform and airtime . Come and see us for show options. Terms apply.

Office Tel: 01782 662244

Editor’s notes
• HaulTech has been developing and implementing logistics software solutions for over twenty years. The systems are developed by experienced transport professionals to optimise traffic office operations, reduce administration, improve service, manage productivity, ensure compliance and maximise revenue.

• The TrakMan telematics solution delivers valuable information on location of vehicles and trailers, including ETAs, and captures driver and vehicle performance data including Tachograph data live on screen. It can be integrated with HaulTech Traffic, which captures a comprehensive set of data including load data, rate paid and the fuel used to deliver it.

• The company acquired tracking and telematics company CS Electronics in 2011, since when it has been developing the TrakMan product.


Built around you, asset tracking, performance monitoring, camera solutions and TMS ›

5th March 2014

Assets tracking for vehicle, trailer and plant.

Asset tracking affords users unparalleled 24 / 7 access to vehicle, trailer or plant machine activity and performance. It provides you with the tools required to dynamically manage complex delivery or collections schedules.


Performance monitoring for vehicle, driver and temperature

‘’Work smarter not harder’’ is the Haultech message Haultech’s user friendly
fully-integrated approach to performance monitoring. This provides vehicle, driver and load temperature monitoring and reporting for ultimate control.


Camera solutions; Standalone or fully integrated

Our camera solution provides court admissible 170° footage of the driver’s
view of the road. As protection against fraudulent insurance claims and conflicting reports of events, it can stand alone or be fully integrated into our vehicle tracking product allowing you live playback when an incidents occur.


We offer premium business tools which help users to increase productivity and
customer service by optimising vehicle and driver utilisation, this reduces the
administration burden and helps the traffic office to increase profitability.


For software solutions that are built around you call us now

Telephone: 01782 662244


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