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17th July 2014

We would like to congratulate Anthony Bullock, who we proudly sponsored, on completing his challenge to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support. Below is a firsthand account written by Anthony himself, detailing the hardships that he overcome during his 4 day journey.
Having completed the challenge!


I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for your support and the generous donations you made which helped to raise a total exceeding £4000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Over 100 cyclists took part in the challenge, and though there are donations to still be received, the current combined total stands at £211,000, for which I’m positive you will agree is a truly amazing amount raised by the group that took part in the challenge. Riding with some truly amazing people, I managed to complete the 325 mile journey over the 4 day target; climbing over 12,000ft, and pushing myself to the very edge of physical and mental exhaustion, and finishing with a personal time of 20hrs and 49mins.


Every day had its challenges: very early starts with lack of sleep, saddle soreness, stiff aching muscles, cramp, pins and needles, and numb fingers. I can assure you that many barriers, both physical and emotional, were broken each and every day whilst navigating hills that had gradients I never thought existed. Then there was the weather, which inevitably made the challenge more difficult. The first two days exceeded temperatures of 30 degrees which caused an overwhelming case of heat exhaustion, and a lovely cyclist tan. Then there was an excess of 30mph headwinds on the third day, which ended up as torrential rain and thunder on the morning of the last day.
Difficulties aside, it was a lovely feeling when I finally approached Paris, as the sun reared its face and came out for our ride through the city; around the Arch de Triomphe, and along the Champs Elysees, to an emotional and grand finish at the Eiffel Tower.


There are many people that I would like to express a big thanks to for helping, and supporting me prior, and during the challenge:

Firstly, everyone who donated.

My cycle shirt sponsors Pallet Track, Bell Trailers, Haultech and S. Cooper & Sons Ltd.
Bikes n’ Gear Knutsford for preparing my bike to undertake this challenge.
Neil Ashton for being a constant supply of cycling advice, and loaning me his bike for training when I had unfortunately broken mine on the build-up to the challenge.

Macmillan Cancer Support Staff for the daily motivation chats and medical support when required.
Discover Adventure and its staff for the organisation, and management of such an impeccable challenge.
All my fellow challengers especially Matt, Darren, and Gorilla Dan for helping me through each day, Push on Pete, Square Wheels, and Scouse Pants Keith for making my belly ache with laughter, and of course my room-mate, Mr. Ed!

Finally, a special thanks to my wife Laura, for her tireless efforts raising awareness and sponsorship for the challenge, and not forgetting Laura’s emotional support throughout the months of training prior to the event. Also, apologies to my children, Max and Ruby, who lost their daddy most weekends to training rides.


It has certainly been an emotional challenge, but please be aware that Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer, by providing practical, medical, emotional, and financial support, and pushing for better cancer care. Like myself, a lot of people have lost family members, friends, and colleagues to cancer, or know people who are currently living with, and are being treated for cancer; so this challenge is dedicated to them.


Once again, thank you for your fantastic support.

Anthony Bullock
Transport Manager

S. Cooper & Sons Ltd



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