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Don’t be a Cash for Crash Dummy ›

16th December 2013

Our integrated Award winning forward facing camera, alerts you of fleet incidents in real time.


The HaulTech camera solution is fully integrated into our vehicle
tracking product, which in turn alarms you ‘live’ when an incident
occurs. Enabling the office to make immediate contact with the
driver. Playback of the full incident can happen when the vehicle
returns to depot.


Key benefits are:

  • Integrated camera and vehicle tracking system
  • Alerts in real time
  • Improves your health and safety
  • Potentially reduces insurance premiums
  • Accident management solution
  • Full event play back available
  • Flexible options available
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Cool solutions from HaulTech ›

9th September 2013

HaulTech launches TrakTemp temperature control monitoring

Plus an exciting Fridge unit fuel saving device

Fully integrated live temperature monitoring has been added to the TrakMan tracking and telematics solution developed by transport management software specialist HaulTech. “Work smarter not harder” is the HaulTech message and with TrakTemp, HaulTech’s user-friendly fully-integrated approach to transport management and telematics becomes available to Cool Chain operators.

The TrakMan telematics solution delivers valuable information on location of vehicles and trailers, including ETAs, and captures driver and vehicle performance data. It can be integrated with HaulTech Traffic, which captures a comprehensive set of data including load data, rate paid and the fuel used to deliver it.

TrakTemp works by collecting data from the temperature loggers installed on refrigerated vehicles via a simple interface. “Demonstrating to customers that you have complied with food safety regulations is critical in food transport operations where there are food safety legal requirements to meet. Having live load compartment temperature allows managers to take action should temperatures move outside preset levels ” says Bob Haughton, Business Development Director.

Are You Looking to Optimise Your Warehouse Management System? ›

2nd May 2013

Well then you’re in luck! Our unique and innovative warehouse management system (WMS) was developed with you – our customer – in mind. Gone are the days of chaotic organisation, the Haultech WM system affords you to gain total efficiency through the optimisation of your entire warehouse operation.

How? I hear you cry. Well it’s quite simple; our WM system creates a comprehensive and auditable record of stock movement, space and resource utilisation. This will enhance your company’s productivity and efficiency throughout the day. Our WM system can be deployed in one of two ways, either as a PC driven hard copy based solution or as a wireless bar code reading system that is ran by your warehouse operatives through hand-held devices. And the benefits are vast, a few of which we have listed below for you:

  • Book it: Manage customer accounts, stock levels, warehouse utilisation and segregation whilst maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of activity.
  • Receive it: Control incoming stock, create receipt notes, allocate storage space and control warehouse locations.
  • Rate it: Total financial control and visibility of tariffs for stock receipt, storage and handling charges.

Here at Haultech, we believe in providing you with an unparalleled personal service, which is why should you wish to know more about our WM system you can sign up for a free consultation.

As a part of the consultation service, we will diagnose your company’s proof of delivery requirements and then we will tailor make a solution just for your company, before giving you a demonstration of how system could work for you. And the best part is it is an absolutely free no-obligation service!

If you are interested in implementing a Warehouse Management System or would like to book a free consultation then give us a call today on 01782 662244 or alternatively you can email us and an expert member of our team will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have.

We’re headed to The Commercial Vehicle Show! ›

5th April 2013

As you may have heard, the Haultech team are headed for the Commercial Vehicle Show in just a few days, from the 9th of April ‘til the 11th of April 2013, we will be exhibiting what Haultech really can do for you and your company!

Since its launch in 2000, the commercial vehicle show has earned itself a prestigious position among UK exhibitions. The CV show has fast become an arena for productive sourcing and selling opportunities for the road freight transport and logistics industry. Attracting over 16,000 visitors per year, the CV show is undoubtedly a place that has captured real buying power for operators. Be sure to visit us at the CV show for live demonstrations of our various logistics software’s, including the Haultech TrakMan, Haultech Traffic and Haultech Connect. We’ll be on Stand 5H81, see you there soon!

If you would like enquire about any of our services and logistics software systems in more detail or would simply like to know more about Haultech at the commercial vehicle show, then give us a call today on 01782 662244 or alternatively you can email us at and an expert member of our friendly and professional team will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have.

Haultech TrakMan Could Save You Money! ›

4th April 2013

Our unique TrakMan system is a GPS Vehicle Tracking and Telematics system which allows its users unparalleled access to fleet & driver activity and performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will also grant you the tools companies require to manage the complex dynamics of delivery and collection schedules.

We’re aware that pretty much every logistics company claims the same is true of their systems but here at Haultech; we like to do more than just talk the talk. We let our high quality smarter logistics systems do the talking for us, and the recently reported statistics of our logistics systems don’t lie. You can save up to £3,000 per vehicle per year, improve mpg by as much as 12% and a return on investment is usually visible within 6 months.

Our motto here at Haultech is ‘work smarter not harder’ and the essence of that motto is embedded into each of our systems. Features of the TrakMan system include; Live vehicle tracking & history, satellite navigation, 2 way messaging, driver performance statistics, dynamic ETAs, delivery/collection notifications, and driver style reports.

The benefits of implementing such a system into your company’s daily workings are vast; and we have listed some of them for you below:

  • Lower costs
  • Enhance Service
  • Improve Profitability
  • Reduce wasted mileage and increase fleet productivity
  • Dynamic customer ETAs, with real time exception alerts
  • Monitor Drivers’ hours and availability
  • Reduce costs through driver management
  • Track trailers and view last location reports
  • Complete control of chilled / ambient vehicles
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

Here at Haultech we pride ourselves on being able to cater to each of our clients with first class services and bespoke logistics systems, should they require it. Our latest satisfied customer is Operations Manager, Mr Mick Stirzaker of Browns Distribution; take a read of what he had to say about our TrakMan System…

“Implementing HaulTech’s system has accelerated the order to invoice process and optimised the efficiency of our fleet. Customers are now able to book jobs and monitor their progress online, which saves time & money and has ultimately generated more orders”.

If you would like to enquire about our Vehicle Tracking and Telematics System or any of our other logistics systems, then give us a call today on 01782 662244 or alternatively you can also get in touch with us through email, at

Commercial Vehicles Show Press Release ›

28th March 2013

HaulTech expands sales team to drive growth

Bob Haughton and Clare Armstrong have joined the management team at HaulTech, one of the UK’s fastest-growing transport management solutions and telematics companies.

Until March, Bob was Operations Director and Deputy MD at Isuzu Truck UK. Although best known for working with Nikki King to set up the Isuzu Truck business and dealer network, Bob is no stranger to transport management solutions and telematics having managed the successful launch of the I–Vision department including the Mimamori product range at the CV Show in 2012. “I am extremely proud of the success we achieved at Isuzu Truck and our unswerving determination to deliver the highest levels of customer service. With Isuzu’s parent company acquiring the UK business, it seemed a natural time to seek new challenges.”

“Use of telematics in transport is growing fast. In today’s economic climate, operators need more than reliable trucks to keep their costs under control. They need real-time information about vehicle location, fuel economy and dynamic operational performance. At Isuzu I came to fully appreciate the cost-savings telematics can bring to transport companies large and small, and I am convinced HaulTech TrakMan and Traffic management solutions can help deliver those savings.”

Joining Bob at HaulTech will be solutions expert Clare Armstrong. Clare returns having completed the successful project to research, develop, create and launch the I-Vision department at Isuzu truck UK. “HaulTech TMS has been an outstanding product in helping our customers manage their costs. TrakMan will give them more understanding of their fuel usage and help them improve customer service, whilst providing dynamic information real time ”

Bob, Clare and the HaulTech team will be on Stand 5H81 at the CV Show, taking place at the NEC from 9-11 April and happy to demonstrate the new features of the Traffic and TrakMan solutions.

Click here to download full release

Haultech Feature ›

25th March 2013

With its market-leading TrakMan and Traffic products, Staffordshire-based HaulTech, has established itself as the UK’s most eminent transport and logistics software specialist.

The company prides itself on offering clients a truly bespoke service and by working closely with them, the HaulTech team, led by newly appointed business development Director, Bob Haughton, takes the view that by offering the best objective advice, they always arrive at the best possible solutions to ensure that savings can be made and profitability can be increased.

HaulTech has recently been strengthened by the addition of technology industry expert, Clare Armstrong and Bob Haughton who has joined from Isuzu Truck UK.  Clare will be tasked with driving sales growth while it will be Bob’s responsibility to oversee continued business development and company growth by putting in place an integrated plan that will see the company continue to provide industry-leading integrated solutions.

As the company prepares to launch a new strategic partnership with Derbyshire-based Transport Data Interchange (TDI) at this year’s CV Show, Bob reflects here on a recent history that has seen many notable successes and an ongoing professional outlook that he believes will ensure continued success.


 At HaulTech, the approach has always been to put each customer’s specific requirements first.  We have some fantastic products and we have total confidence in how effective they can be for just about any transport company but if we are to do all that we can to ensure the best results possible, the important thing is always to listen to their individual requirements and advise accordingly; even if that very rarely means advising that they should look at other options.

That said, the company is proud of its track record of success and has many examples of how it has had a positive effect on the performance of our clients.  With RASE Distribution, the HaulTech team provided a client with an integrated solution that enabled it to manage its customer requirements through every stage of the delivery process.

RASE provides its clients with a range of quality assured services including contract logistics, UK & European full loads, UK distribution of packaged hazardous goods, extensive storage facilities including ‘Top Tier’ COMAH status plus Express, Premium and Economy pallet collection and delivery services throughout the UK and Europe for non-hazardous goods.

In order to win a tender with the global agrochemical provider DuPont, RASE looked to further develop its Traffic and Warehouse Management Systems and by investing in an integrated system from HaulTech.  RASE introduced a company-wide system bespoke to their needs that not only helped them to win the tender, but also optimised its operational efficiency and enabled it to offer its clients complete transparency and control of their stocks, including products stored under the COMAH Regulations.

The team recommended the HaulTech Traffic system, knowing that it would give them complete control over job booking, resource allocation, load planning, document generation and customer account management in one easy to use single reference system.  In addition, HaulTech’s Warehouse Management system gave real time visibility of the warehouse segregation plan, warehouse utilisation and COMAH stock holding calculations which further added to the time saving aspect of the company’s operations.

The solution saw HaulTech supply RASE with an integrated system that provided DuPont with a secure link with its SAP order processing system enabling it to process collection, picking and delivering orders directly into its WMS and TMS which sent confirmation messages back to DuPont at every stage of the process from order receipt to delivery, signature capture and scanning of the POD.

Geoff Hill, RASE’s Managing Director was delighted with the result.  He explained: ‘The packaged chemical sector is heavily regulated and requires additional reporting and total traceability of the lifecycle of each consignments and the associated hazards therein.  All transport paperwork has to comply with the ADR Regulations for road transport and the warehouse records have to comply with the COMAH Regulations. We chose HaulTech knowing that when the regulatory bodies updated regulations; as is the case of the Tunnel Codes, we could depend on the HaulTech team to work in partnership with us to integrate the changes to the systems.

“The inclusion of live visibility of the warehouse utilisation, HSG71 Segregation Plan and COMAH stock holding calculations provided our operators with a very powerful reporting tool. The resulting saving in management time is in-keeping with our lean thinking ethos.’

RASE general manager, Ian Lovely, added:  “We expect HaulTech TMS and WMS will continue to help RASE to further expand into niche markets whilst providing our staff with the best tools to manage all sectors from the less complex ‘on demand’ customer to the total logistics packages we provide, giving all our customers complete visibility and traceability of their products via the portals on our website.”

One hugely pleasing element of our work with RASE was that as a result of its Dupont project, the company was nominated for the coveted ‘Best use of Technology Award’ at the 2010 Motor Transport Awards and we’d like to think that HaulTech played a significant role in the company gaining that level of industry recognition.

With Pulleyn Transport (Pulleyn), the team had to come up with another bespoke solution to a particular scenario.  The company specialises in the pharmaceutical logistics sector where goods must be carried at temperatures of between 2ºC and 8ºC.

The HaulTech TrakMan product has developed a temperature monitoring package that delivers real-time alerts and historic records that allow customers to immediately react to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations and provide logs for regulatory requirements.  Pulleyn utlises the system to monitor, track and protect high value loads against temperature variance.  Director, Ryan Pulleyn, explains further:  “We rely on the TrakMan system to provide real-time fleet performance information, including vehicle positioning, mapping, temperature monitoring, journey logging and automatic alerts for all of our 47 trailers and rigid trucks.

“The delicate nature and tight temperature bands at which pharmaceuticals must be handled brings the TrakMan system into its own, with significant financial and commercial benefits.   We are entrusted with consignments of extremely high value but it’s not just the monetary value at stake.  We may be carrying bio-pharm’ products such as urgently needed vaccines and any significant deviations in temperature or delays en route could quite literally be life-threatening.

“We therefore we rely on a system which gives us tight control and analysis during every minute of every journey.  For instance, we have 27 trailers with dual refrigerators, both of which ‘talk’ to the system to determine the precise temperature of the load space and relay the information to our office and mobile phones in real time.  Through that kind of outstanding service, TrakMan achieves significant commercial efficiencies both for Pulleyn Transport and our customers in turn.”

Everyone at HaulTech is always enthused when the team develops solutions to help companies with unique requirements but at the same time, our core business is centred around helping traditional transport and logistics companies to achieve their goals and in particular, to increase profitability.  Looking at a solution that was provided for a more traditional logistics company, HaulTech is particularly proud of its association with S Cooper and Sons.

Set up in 1925, S Cooper & Sons Ltd (S Cooper) has grown to become one of the UK’s top logistics companies.  Working from its seven acre site in Winsford, the company offers an inclusive portfolio of haulage and warehouse services to its customer base. To cover its customers’ diverse requirements, S Cooper has a mixed fleet of over 100 vehicles, all equipped with vehicle tracking.

The company offers a wide range of services including hazardous haulage, storage, and nationwide coverage that is further enhanced through its membership of the Pallet-Track network.  The S Cooper team went to the market looking for a number of solutions that would ultimately provide them complete control and visibility of its entire haulage operation.  Its aim was to purchase a number of software solutions, which would provide the company with a diary-based management system that could handle the diverse range of services it offers while integrating fleet, warehouse and online management systems to deliver complete operational visibility and financial control.  Of particular importance was the ability for the chosen system or systems to manage and improve the utilisation of the company’s one hundred plus vehicles while ensuring all work undertaken was cost-effective and delivered to a high service standard.

To reach the desired solution, HaulTech worked closely with S Cooper to develop a fully integrated system that tied together all of its operational processes to deliver performance improvement together with full operational and financial visibility.  Richard Howarth, managing director at S Cooper, commented: “HaulTech has given us an integrated system that manages our orders, customers, warehouse, fleet and traffic office.  The system has enabled us to better manage our operational and financial performance whilst improving customer service through advanced services and visibility.”

That particular application made use of a combination of HaulTech products and services, namely the HaulTech Traffic Management System as well as our Interactive Customer Portals, Warehouse Management System, POD Management System and Financial & Performance Reports.  The way we worked side by side with S Cooper perfectly demonstrated our approach and as with every client, we were delighted to make such a big difference to both the company’s perceived performance and ultimately, its profitability.


Working alongside clients to carefully consider their needs before advising on the best solution possible is how the HaulTech management team has built the company to date and how they intend to continue moving forward long into the future.  However, it is always important to be open to new ideas and where appropriate, new partnerships that can see the whole being greater than sum of the parts and Bob is now looking ahead to this year’s CV Show which will be held at Birmingham’s NEC between 9th-11th April.

“The CV Show is a flagship event for our industry and we always have a presence there to showcase our capabilities and to network with existing and prospective clients alike,” says Bob.  “However, this year, we have teamed up with a company we have worked with and admired for some time to present a strategic partnership that we believe can make a fantastic difference to the performance of many of our clients in the future.”

Specialising in tachograph analysis and driver CPC training, Transport Data Interchange (TDI) has built an enviable reputation for excellence in the industry.  Those elements work well in tandem with our Traffic and TrakMan products to give hauliers and other multi-vehicle companies a complete traffic management and compliance package.

Bob continues:  “HaulTech has enjoyed an association with TDI for some time now and from the outset, it was clear that not only did the companies’ respective product sets have a clear synergy but there was also a mutual drive and customer-focused approach would make us ideal partners.  With our mutually driven approach and high work ethic, it makes perfect sense for us to work together this way so that we can better demonstrate the complementary benefits of both offerings in an end-to-end service.

“Our Traffic and TrakMan products already see us offer a set of specialist industry solutions but when backed up with the tachograph analysis and training expertise as provided by TDI, the overall package becomes that bit more compelling and comprehensive.  The CV Show will provide us with the ideal platform to demonstrate that compatibility and we’re all looking forward to what promises to be an outstanding event.”


Commercial Vehicle Show 2013 ›

We’re Exhibiting at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2013
Stand 5H81
NEC 09 – 11 April 2013


Haultech – A Helping Hand ›

22nd March 2013

Welcome to Haultech!

Specialising in developing and implementing logistic software solutions, we have over 10 years of experience in the logistic systems industry. Although we are based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, we peddle our services on a national scale. Our services comprise of warehouse managing systems, traffic managing systems, Haultech connect systems, Haultech hardware systems, the Haultech TrakMan system and Haultech POD.

All of our systems are created by veteran transport professionals specifically for your business. Our team of professionals have received industry recognition as well as praise from our clientele for the positive effects our systems have on maximising revenues, improve service, manage productivity and ensure compliance.

“HaulTech has given us an integrated system that manages our orders, customers, warehouse, fleet and traffic office. The system has enabled us to better manage our operational and financial performance while improving customer service through advanced services and visibility.”

Richard Howarth. S Cooper & Sons Limited

 “Implementing HaulTech’s system has accelerated the order to invoice process and optimised the efficiency of our fleet. Customers are now able to book jobs and monitor their progress online, which saves time & money and has ultimately generated more orders.”

Mick Stirzaker, Operations Manager. Browns Distribution

Since we provide our services on a national level, we understand our clients will differ in terms of needs and that is why we offer our clients tailor made logistic systems, as well as standard systems, in order to meet every requirement you may have.

If you would like to enquire our services in more detail, or require more information on our road haulage software, or are looking to implement a smarter logistic software, then give us a call on 01782 662244 or alternatively you can email us at

HaulTech appoint new Sales Manager ›

17th February 2012

Exciting news from HaulTech
After 12 years with the company, Clare Armstrong will be leaving on Friday 2nd March 2012.

The continued growth of, and commitment to HaulTech together with on-going product development and customer support remains central to our philosophy. With this in mind, I am delighted to announce that John Brookes has been promoted to take on the role of Sales Manager with the support of Dean Woolliscroft and Bev Walker. Dean will also be supporting Barry Mayer promoting the new TrakMan telematics solutions.

As you know, HaulTech recently acquired TrakMan telematics and as part of this acquisition, we have a number of new team members who each have a wealth of industry experience. Therefore, Martin Bates will move into John Brooke’s previous role as Customer Support Manager with the continued support of the I.T team, led by Steve Kimberley.

Following the acquitision of TrakMan, HaulTech has some really exciting times and opportunities ahead and I look forward to bringing you news of exciting new developments over the coming months that will save you money and improve your operational performance.

Once again, we will be at the C.V show in April, so please do come and see us on stand number 2B91 when some of these developments will be demonstrated.

Finally, I am sure that you will join me in wishing John success in his new role and Clare all the best in her new appointment at Isuzu Trucks.


Geoff Brook
Managing Director

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